Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chemistry Summer Term.. what was I thinking

So I have been overly consumed with school since last fall.  Like taking 17 credits last quarter.. and now.. I am really seriously crazy.

I am in the middle of.. as in tomorrow is my mid term of Chemistry and Intermediate Algebra.. I am a glutton for punishment...

On the horse front.. all is well at our house.. Beau has turned into a Western Pleasure/ Trail Pony.. and it is lovely.. absolutley lovely. 

We were going to show this August, but I have my Chemistry final on the Monday after the show.. so that is not going to happen.  Instead.. we are going to take a Griswold style vacation.

Macgyver.. Paco and myself are all driving to Minnesota.. Yep.. Driving.. to Minnesota from Wa in August.. in a small car.. with no cruise control..straight through.. Macgyver doesn't want to stop.  He just wants to drive all the way there, taking turns... how fun will that be.

Like I said.. I am a glutton.. but oh.. the pictures I will take.. and the fun we will have when we get there.  We are going to visit my bestest friend in the entire world.. and some family and some other very good friends.  It is going to be great to go to my other home!!!  I cannot wait!

In other news.. dogs are wonderful, my #1 son has graduated from Massage therapy school and is moving North about an hour in a couple of months to continue his education and to spread his wings a little.. I have a small tear in my eye.. a small one.. because when he moves.. I am taking over his room and turning it into my study cave...

I also have to open my file at school to declare my intent to apply to the nursing program.. and I hear that they are changing up the pre reqs and the admission criteria.. in which case I will cry a little and get on with it.

So back to Chem.. I Heart it.. I really do.. especially Lab.. but OMG is 12 weeks crammed into 7.5 weeks and the norm is going 5 days a week.. we only go 2 and have to do the rest on our own.. it is a little brutal in the amount of work department.. but so far.. I have an A- in Chem.. in Summer.. so I am going to sign off here and get back to my studying for the midterm.. and hopefully be better about updating this..

Ciao for now..


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