Monday, November 30, 2009

Post Holiday Something

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I know that we did.  I know because I had thirteen wonderful people in my house eating dinner and I spent the day cooking with my mother-in-law.  They leave today and I am sad.

My own mom passed away four years ago, and I made her wonderful cinnamon rolls on Thanksgiving morning, which helps me to remember how absolutley wonderful she was and it makes me also miss her so much more!

Having my wonderful mother-in-law here makes it better.

MacGyver is from Alaska.. a small town in Alaska.  His parents came down last week to spend the holiday with us and it was fabulous.  We visited, they shopped, and then we ate, and ate, and ate some more..

This last weekend his mom helped me do something I have been wanting to do for a year.  Set up my sewing machine and get sewing!  I made two dog toys last night and I am going to make several more this week.  Then I will tackle a REAL pattern and see what happens.

I have wanted to learn to sew for a very long time.  I am so excited to be learning now, and can't wait to get started and take some classes!

My first real pattern project will be pajama pants.  Wish me luck, I will be cutting my pattern out this week and attempting to sew them together this weekend. 

I know that one of my motivating factors in learning to sew is horse related.. I really want to be able to make some cool stuff for my horse, and for me to wear.  I am nowhere near being ready to tackle anything difficult, but I am really looking forward to figuring it all out.

I noticed last night while I was sewing the little dog toys, I was hooked!  Totally hooked.  I have a very nice simple beginner machine that my lovely Hubby got me last year for Christmas and I never had the time to get it set up and working since we embarked on the real estate craziness this last year.  Now that we have a house,  I am planning on really taking on some of these cool projects I see everywhere!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This time of year is emotional for me.  Having lost both of my parents, and my late husband, and his parents, our family is much smaller.  My older siblings do their own thing for the holidays and only my younger sister is coming for Turkey day.  My childhood and past adult memories are all of pretty traditional things and consist of some pretty memorable holidays.  I miss my family that is no longer here something fierce this time of year.

I also think about what I am blessed with and what I am thankful for.

I am married now to a pretty darn wonderful guy.

That guys parents are truly amazing and so much fun.  They are here visiting right now and will be with us for Thanksgiving.  This is the first time they have spent Turkey day with their son since he moved away from Alaska 12 years ago.  We are all very thankful and happy they are here with us.

My friends will be coming for Thanksgiving.  My niece (quasi-grandaughter) will be with us.  My boys will both be here with us. 

I am cooking my mother's recipes and that always helps me to feel close to her.

We have a wonderful new house to entertain in.

Both of us have wonderful jobs and good income.

The boys are healthy and happy and my youngest got a 100.5% on his test today..

And... My mother-in-law is going to help me set up my sewing machine and get me going this weekend.. and for that, I will be eternally grateful as that was something that was in my mom and grandmother's domains.

I am brining a turkey tonight.. I am looking forward to see what happens with that!

I will hopefully be taking some pictures of things as I prep them and cook them tomorrow.  My camera has been dead and I need to charge it up tonight and get back to photos and posting regularly.

What are you all experiencing this holiday season?

Happy Thanksgiving.. Stay Safe, Warm and Stuffed!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Another small milestone at home

I can't wait to get home today.  I expect I will see something really cool.

Unfortunately, it will be dark when I get home so I will need to take pictures tomorrow.

My lovely Husband has been building paddocks today.  I hope to see posts in the ground tonight.

Tomorrow we will be picking up Horse Fencing.. I can hardly wait.. Actual Horse Fence on my own property.. it seems so unreal still.  When the Gates go in.. and the stall fronts are built.. then I really will be jumping for joy.

This is a big step though..  Until tomorrow with pictures.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On a roll

So last night I rode again.. mostly by myself.. and without the pre-lunge that I used to do.

He came out a little fresh and a little snorty.. but went to work when I asked.

I did a long slow warm up.. lots of walking and serpentine's and some tear drop shaped maneuvers.. I had gone to a clinic where it was shared that this is a good exercise for fast walkers and horses that have trouble with the rythm and moving a little too forward.

It helps focus both of us actually.  I worked on elasticity through my wrists by having the contact come through my elbow and not my hands.. I tried to keep "rubber bands" as my mantra last night.  At times it works pretty good.

Our left track is still really bad and I knew last night that I collapse more on that track.. I really have to work on that.

His canter to the right track was heaven.  His big bouncy trot is something I live with and work with because when he is all light and floaty.. His canter is heaven.. I could canter this horse all day.. it is like a beautiful rocking, smooth wave.. ahhhh I have to not get greedy though.

He did break at the canter and I recovered, which was a pretty good save for me.. usually I have to "start over".  I got a little buck from him on the left track when I asked for that it was a little tiny.. funny kind of buck.

I totally take for granted at times how well he takes his leads, and just does what is asked most of the time.  We had Zero fights and only a few times did I have to remind him that we were moving off of the leg and not into the leg..

Tonight is the big sale at the Farmers Supply that is after hours and so T and I are attending that.  Tomorrow night is our good friends birthday party at her farm and this weekend my paddock is being built and my arena is getting posts set as well!  Things are progressing and I will commit to taking pictures this weekend.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beautiful Ride

I hope to have a repeat of last night tonight. 

I hopped on my out of shape horse, with my out of shape self, and did a 20 minute session.

I get tired out before he does right now. 

I was so thrilled, I didn't lunge him first, just got on and rode.. and we were totally okay.  I cantered both directions, did some circles that were somewhat round.. and he even did a NICE walk afterwards.

Beau typically hates to walk after he canters.  He thinks that cantering is really fun and exciting and then he thinks that it is just time to go-go-go-go....

I was very proud of myself that I relaxed, cantered, and then enticed him with nice contact on the reins and a deep seat to just relax and walk without the JIG.. and we did it.. both directions.

I am hoping for another Beautiful (to me) ride tonight.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Coming back from the flu

I have been out most of this week with the flu.  I don't know for sure if it was the dreaded H1N1, but it was horrible.  I pretty much disappeared into the bed and didn't surface until yesterday, and then went to work only to have to come home early.

I am back at work today and am feeling at about 85% of my normal self.  This flu kicked my butt!

I will be back to regular blogging and actually posting some great stuff next week.  Hope everyone else has been well.

Friday, November 06, 2009


So I had a minor heart attack last night when I went to the barn.

My trainer/BFF had told me on the phone that her working student most likely had cleaned my stall for me and so I probably didn't need to drive out there.  I said, well I will just go and check and make sure, and if the weather is not too bad I will get Beau out and lunge.

Well the Wind was whipping pretty good and there were a couple trees down on the road before I even got out there. 
I was now more determined to go and check to see if the barn even had power.

I hung up with T and noticed that the outside light was on at the barn so we had power.  I walked into the dark barn and flipped the aisle light on.  Then.. I ... noticed.. Beau's stall door was wide open and he was not inside.. okaaaay... so I looked inside and his hay and grain had been put in his feeder and his stall was pristine and clean.  Okayyyyy.. so where is my horse.  Not panicked yet, I figured he may have gotten put in another stall.. (He is the only Bay Morgan here though), but I checked all the other stalls.. NO Beau.. okay.. now I am feeling my heart beat a little faster.. so I walk out the front to the paddocks.. ummmmm No Beau.  I call for him.. Heart is beating faster.. stomach is feeling like it is dropping.. No Beau.  I walk around the back of the arena.. No Beau.  Okay.. and I walk back into the barn.. and notice his Halter is missing.. okay.. so now.. I am a little panicked.  I am calling for my horse.. and I can't find him.. Bad thoughts.. he escaped.. someone took him.. my stomach is now somersaulting.

I walk out the back.. look to the left to those paddocks.. NO Beau.. so I start to walk up to the house to ask the owners if they possibly know where my horse is, since every other horse is in their stall and he is the ONLY one missing.. I call for him once more.. and I hear lots of whinnying.. and Beau comes racing up on the left in a paddock that I couldn't see.  OH MY LORD.. HUGE sigh of relief.
Then I notice.. HE HAS HIS HALTER ON.. This is dangerous and I don't subscribe to the practice.. but OK.. get the horse and feel mad later.

I find his lead rope IN his paddock buried in the mud.  OK.. so.. I get him.. and it is storming out.. and my pony can't really hang out all night in the mud... hoof issues.. so I lead him in the barn, wash his legs off, check him out and put him away.  I washed his lead rope and hung that up and then noticed that my spare waterproof blanket was on one of T's horses.. LOL.. The working student had changed blankets (the wrong ones), but it turned out okay since Beau had his super duper cool Rambo from Ireland rug on that kept him warm and dry.

Long story short, I called T to see what had happened.. and after many phone calls, The barn owner cleaned my stall for me and had turned Beau out for just a few minutes while he did this.. and HE never turns horses out with halters on, but figured it would only be 5 minutes.  He walked back into the house, totally forgot about Beau and felt Horrible. 

I am just glad I went out there anyway and was able to bring my poor baby in out of the storm.

When I drove out, my heart rate had resumed to normal and I was feeling much better.. since my horse was not stolen or had run away.

I will be heading out to the barn today after work.. even if my stall is cleaned for me....

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I think I overestimated my multi tasking abilities

That list was just tooooo long I guess. 

I did manage to get some things done though.  The LIST is here.

I did get the kitchen Cupboards somewhat organized and cleaned.
I did get 99% of the shelves lined
I did get some laundry done (but it has now piled up again.. argghh)
I did get my things moved from the barn
I did get my horse moved
I did get the floors swept and the carpet vacuumed.

This week has been crazy as usual. 
DH has decided that he is "taking a little break" from stuff.  Lucky him.  I still have to go to work each day and do all the extra stuff.

He helps by making dinner, and my DS does do most of the dishes, but when I come home from Barn chores there is still a list a mile long.

Last night I did NOT do my before bed routine and this morning I had to iron a shirt for work, make a lunch, do dishes and was feeling like I was running behind.

Now today I have a sore throat and an earache.  I am going to go and get a strep test.. ICK

Hopefully I can also run out to get my girth as well.

At least I am halfway through the work week.  We have baby this weekend, so I can forget about working on OUR barn this weekend.. I will focus on the things I did not get accomplished last weekend.

Back in the Saddle Again

I did it!  I rode my Beautiful, albeit dirty, pony last night!  I wasn't planning on it, I was only planning on lunging him for a few minutes each way due to him just starting back to work this week.

He was so good on the line, even though he stayed in all day.. which is a misunderstanding I hope is corrected today, otherwise I am going to have to find another solution.  One of the things I will NOT compromise on any longer is good turn out.  Having had good turnout the last 5 months, I have seen what a HUGE difference it has made for him in his state of mind, behavior and overall well being.  If I can't have the turnout, then I will have to move him back to Snohomish and leave the riding until I get my place finished as I will NOT have him locked up each day, only coming out to work.

Off of my rant.  Back to the riding story.  So my trainer/friend was riding her youngster and said, why don't you just get on and walk and see how he does?  I really, really wanted to, so I thought..... NO WAY umm okay,  and if he is at all worried about it or seems that it is too much, I will hop right back off. 

Well I hopped on, and we walked, walked some more, and finally attempted did figure eights at a nice walk and then.. I asked for a little trot and did a nice couple of 20 meter circles on the right track.  WOW!  I was back.. He was back..Then..reality set in we fell apart.  I asked for the trot on the left track.. The left track is harder for both of us.  I am not sure why  it is the weaker side for both of us.  He does not care to bend to the left and I tend to collapse to the left and pull and get discombobulated.  What I can do on the right.. it is like I completely lose everything when we go to the left.  I pulled it together for about three strides and called it good.  I walked him out and hopped off, then walked him some more.  I gave him lots of hugs and praise for being such a good boy after so long off. 

Then I cleaned a stall, washed off a blanket, put his jammies on and put him to bed.  Self Care is so much better.  I am going to the barn every day now and seeing what is happening.  Before, at a full care facility, I may not even have known if he was turned out.  This way, I am on top of everything.

Also, in less than two weeks, my equine nutritional consultant is coming.  I attended a class that she talked at and I was completely intrigued.  I can't wait to see what she has to say regarding his diet and what I can do to help the budget and keep him at optimal health.  I am making him a Bran Mash this evening.  I know he will dig that! 

I am very proud of myself for getting on the pony.  I tend to be a little worried after being off for such a period of time, but I did notice how much more relaxed I was off the bat, and I did LESS with my hands.  This is a GOOD thing in Dressage... Leg  more, Hands less.. Outside rein to inside leg.. I tried to remember that as my mantra.. and the other thing that helps me.. because I have a "hotter" horse.. LEG ON.. and Tempo.. especially in the trot.. I do a type of metronome in my head.. 1 2 1 2 1 2 with it being.. 1.....2.....1.....2.... to slow down and I keep that thinking, while only rising in the saddle what he pushes me to .. and it REALLY helps.. of course adding in still hands and a long leg.. Yeah.. RIGHT.. Tempo first.. then we work on the other things.

For you non riders that read my blog, if you have made it to here.. THANK YOU..LOL.. as I know the horses and dressage can be very foreign for those who do not take part. (Mcgyver doesn't understand the fascination at all).. I will have to post on that sometime.. the fact that we bought a house with a barn and an arena is a testament to how far he has come and how much he must really love me.

For any riders.. What exercises do YOU use with your horse to condition, supple and get some relaxation going in your warm ups?  Inquiring Minds want to know!  Please leave a comment, Thank you!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Busy weekend, busy week

Crazy Monday.  I did not meal plan and I will sooo pay for that.  I need to try and work that in tonight.  As I get ready to head out the door on the end of a work day, it occurs to me that I have many things yet to accomplish.

My plan was to get a WHOLE lot accomplished this last weekend.  I did accomplish some things, but NOTHING near to what I had hoped.  I guess the progress before perfection really needs to apply here, but I am having a little problem with that.

I still have a gazillion boxes in the garage, The kitchen is still not where I want it Pre-Remodel, and there are still a gazillion things to fix before moving Beau Home. 

What I did get done?  Beau moved to a new home which will now require me to do about 80-90% of the work.  No more full care
So each day this week after work I will be:
Picking up the baby,
Changing my clothes to barn clothes
Driving 30 minutes
Cleaning a stall, changing water, sweeping up
doing some lunging/walk trotting with my horse that has lost all of his muscle by being off for the last 5 months
cleaning him up
driving another 30 minutes
Fixing dinner
Laundry, and getting clothes ready for the next day
General running around the house for the DH and Child
Getting coffee ready
Crashing by 10:30pm  (I HOPE)
Then I get to get up at 5:30am and start the day all over again..lo

We shall see how this routine works out, although since Mcgyver is still home this week.. He is going to help out in the fixing dinner department.

Wish me luck.. Happy Monday


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