Thursday, December 08, 2016

Getting ready to prep meals

I am now a nurse.  I work in Step down ICU or also called progressive  care.  I work 12 hour night shifts and it is tough to adjust to a schedule that does not coincide with any one else in my family.  My son is almost out of the Navy, he has a baby due in a couple of weeks.  Time flies.  I have gone through a ton of changes this last year, mostly good.  I am getting ready to start the new year off with a bang.  I have to lose some weight, but more important, I have got to change my eating habits and get my butt moving on my days off.  I am exhausted all of the time, andmy sleep schedule is just ridiculous.  Right now I am in the planning stages.  Looking through different options but the big thing I am most interested in doing and making a commitment to is meal prepping and not buying anything from the hospital at night and not stopping on my way in to pick up food.  Due to my wacky schedule, I sometimes work three in a row with four off, sometimes four in a row and two off and then one, and so on.  It changes every month too so I don't ever have a set schedule.  That probably will be the case for the next 8 months untl I change units or jobs. 

I have been on pinterest and created a couple boards to help with this.  I would like to post my meal planning and prepping here so I can keep track, keep accountable and share this with anyone who is interested.  Any nurses that work night shift know the struggle with eating and sleeping when working 12 hour night shifts.  I am at the hospital for 13 hours a day actually when I work.  I don't always get a traditional lunch break either.  Most of the time I am eating while catching up on charting.  Most of our patients are pretty acute so I don't go to far away. 

I have a variety of containers and have access to a fridge and microwave at work.  All of my meals will need to be either eaten cold or reheated in the microwave. Also, I am leaning towards a lower carb and minimal gluten meal plan.  I grew up with tons of food allergies and recieved shots twice a week, every week for 15 years.  I still have a pretty high sensitivy to wheat and dairy.  I get rashes, stuffed up, stomach issues and feel pretty icky if I eat them together.  It makes me very sad as I love Pizza and mac and cheese. 

I am off for a couple days, so I am going to finish gathering some recipes and ideas and post my first meal prep (hopefully with pictures) on Sunday afternoon. 


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