Wednesday, February 17, 2010

catch up

I have tons of pictures I want to share, but with a new position at work and some other things going on this week.. I am just SLAMMED.

The update:

Beau is HOME! Whoo Hoo! Last Saturday I was a bit nervous as he was having a hard time settling down, but by Sunday afternoon it was much better.

I don't think having him alone is a long term solution, he will have to have a friend sooner than later.

I have ridden him twice at home and once was last night.. it was interesting.. and went okay.. but it will be a couple of weeks I think until he settles down.

I have a new position at work, so I am a bit swamped.. and I will have to write and catch up later... Happy week..

Monday, February 08, 2010

Mack and Bella Cuddle

Mack and Bella Cuddle, originally uploaded by mysticfish.

These two are so in love with each other.. they are.. well.. peas and carrots.. Jenny and Forrest..

Barn and Arena.. almost functional

I am four days away from putting my horse in my own trailer and bringing him home. It is the realization of a dream that started 4 years ago. I cannot believe it is actually happening!

This last weekend we worked very hard to take the barn/arena from this:
house 519

To this:
X6YJM 115

and it would not have been at all possible without the help of my sisters Significant Other.. who operated a full size loader/Backhoe most of Saturday doing all kinds of moving and clearing and leveling!!!!
X6YJM 177

Here are the highlights:

On Friday Afternoon.. I got this delivered:

X6YJM 181

And this Tongue and Groove

X6YJM 184

When this showed up on Saturday:
X6YJM 180

and he did lots of work all day, moving dirt and wood piles and debris and clearing up a spot for me to put Beau outside.. and here is where he gets to go outside:
X6YJM 190

of course our supervisor was there making sure that we did things right:
X6YJM 208

and I got really excited when he starting in the arena:

X6YJM 217

I just wanted to drive that thing!

We purchased hardware for the gate yesterday, and hinges and latches for the stall door. This week I am on the hunt for a few things for the tack room... Next weekend is all about fencing, tack room ceilings and finishing things up.. including about three pickup loads of wood chips for the aisle.. stay tuned.. I am almost functional....

Finish work will not be totally done until it is drier and warmer...but even so.. I am pleased with what we have accomplished so far...

Another funny note.. the gal that used to own the place came by.. and THAT is a topic for another post.

Arena Fencing begins

X6YJM 106, originally uploaded by mysticfish.

This was taken early Sunday.. pay no attention to the messed up date feature on the picture.. My youngest had used this camera for school and I did not change the settings as I should have.

This is our Temporary Arena Sides going in. The sand and Alder sawdust was put in and leveled out on Sunday... I will do a post on the whole weekend today that will be full of pictures of all of the work. Beau will be home in 4 days from now.. I cannot WAIT!

Friday, February 05, 2010

Arena Progress

Arena, originally uploaded by mysticfish.

This is going to be our main focus this weekend.. I have Tounge and Groove scheduled for delivery today and 24 Cubic yards of Sand being delivered at 3:00 PM today as well. The tractor is coming tomorrow to smooth out the sand and the aisle.. and on Sunday a Gate will go in and Rails will go up.

The following week will be spent getting the little things done and Beau will come home Next Friday night. I am so excited! I can't wait to take pictures of the functional arena.. not finished.. as that will not happen for a few months.. we have to wait for a little drier and warmer weather to make that happen..

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Allison Collage

Allison Collage, originally uploaded by mysticfish.

This is that little supervisor again, baby photos to where she is today.. Wow.. how they change so quickly.. the baby ones are from last spring.. I can't believe how big she is now and how much she has changed.. I sent this to her mom and a bunch of other photos that I had messed with.. She loved them! This little girl is just the joy of my life! I am leaving in a few minutes to pick this little spitfire up. She has now learned to "pet" her pony Butterscotch.. he is the toy pony that whinny's and turns his head and even eats carrots... as soon as we can get her to sit on him, I will try and get some pictures.. because there is NO doubt in my mind that she will have a REAL pony very soon.....

Paco at Regatta

Paco at Regatta, originally uploaded by mysticfish.

My son is so bummed right now as he should be getting ready for Spring Rowing season.. but with the broken wrist, we are not sure if he can row again this year... I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will be able to, but I am not sure yet.. this was at his first real regatta last year on the lake that we lived across the street from...

Beau and a friend

Beau and a friend, originally uploaded by mysticfish.

These are a few more photos of my boy that I have messed with in Picnik. The other horse in the pictures is Chris, another Morgan who is a fabulous horse. I connected today with Beau's Sires owners and it was absolutely wonderful to see a picture of Beau's Daddy... HE IS GORGEOUS! Beau looks so much like his dad, I can't believe it! I can't wait to see more pictures of Caisse, and to find the other members of Beau's family. His Dam passed away in 2005, but I am hoping to connect with her owners and try and see a picture of his mom. He has one full sister, and I would love to connect with them as well. I hope you enjoy the pictures, I am hoping to get some more pics this weekend, and the weather is supposed to cooperate with us for more barn progress. I have not fixed the netbook yet, but should have that problem fixed soon as well.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Beach Trip

Picnik collage, originally uploaded by mysticfish.

It is coming up on my birthday again.. this will be a milestone birthday for me this month.. and last year I got to take a fabulous trip to the beach with one of my best friends. She flew out from Minnesota and we drove to the coast and spent the weekend laughing, playing blackjack, getting spa treatments, drinking, eating and taking pictures. We took the long way home.. and when I did this collage, I could not help thinking back to that fabulous trip and wishing to repeat it this year. I don't think a weekend trip will happen, however.... I was just informed that I may be able to clinic with someone that weekend.. and take my portable pony out for a spin.. since he will be coming home on February 12th!!! yipppeee.

Moments with Beau at a Show

Moments with Beau at a Show, originally uploaded by mysticfish.

I am getting excited about this year and riding and showing and going to clinics.. and I am having tooo much fun making Photo Collages so here is one of some past moments with my Beau at Key Classic which is coming up in May... it is our First A circuit show this year, and I am really excited to take him... I can't wait to compete this year and I am so ready to do our few classes that we love!

More Photo Editing

Cross tie Effect 1

This is a photo I added a bunch of effects to.

Below is a photo I removed almost all the effects from and did a sepia with just a tiny bit of color. Which one do you like best?

Cross tie Effect 2

Bassets are adorable

Picnik collage, originally uploaded by mysticfish.

I just made this collage of Hurley... He has been such a fantastic addition to our family. I am so happy we are able to have him!

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Nest in the Tack Room


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