Friday, December 06, 2013

Many things have happened since I posted last.  I never really thought I would pick this back up or that I would be where I am right now.

The positives... The youngest has graduated high school and is leaving for the Navy in 5 days.. that last bit is bittersweet. 

I went to Minnesota and attended a semester of nursing school.. and got a 4.0 in that semester!

My husband got a fantastic job... for a local school district.

My oldest is doing incredibly well.

I am still married.

I have a part time job at a hospital, in the lab.

The challenges...

My husband got a job at a local school district so I moved back home and am now still trying to get into a nursing program here.

I am retaking Chemistry to improve my chances of getting into a nursing school

My precious Coco, whom I named this blog after has passed away.

My baby is leaving for the Navy in 5 days.

We are selling the house in 6 months to move closer to the city and I am still not settled into a program and may have to wait 9 more months to start.

I have not been on a horse since my horse passed away.  I keep saying that I will go and ride, and something keeps stopping me.

The other stuff:

Chemistry is better this time around and on Monday I am taking the Standardized final for Chem 121 and I think it will be okay.  Right now I have an A in the class, so I am hoping to maintain that or at the very least, come out with a B+ depending on the test.

Then the studying begins to retake my TEAS test. 

Retaking the TEAS test for Nursing school is a big deal for me.  I did well the first time, but not well enough.  One of the schools I am applying for used to take grades into account.. well not anymore.. now it is all about the TEAS.. and a good deal of the schools in my area use this test to determine the entrance of students into the program.  What used to be a great score is barely passing anymore.

I need to make an 84 or better to ensure a spot in the spring quarter class.  I currently have a 78.  You can only take the test twice in two years, and they use the last score to determine entrance.  So this next chance is my last chance for another year and I have to do much better than I did before.

I am optimistic because the last time I took it, I was not strong in Chemistry or in math like I am now.  I do think that if I focus a bit more, I can do well. 

The last bit.. since my oldest and I are both working Christmas and my youngest will be at boot camp, I am skipping Christmas. I am not decorating, not cooking Christmas dinner or doing any cookie baking.  I did buy presents and I will take presents to the granddaughter, but otherwise, not even going to be able to muster up the Christmas spirit.

I just can't get into it this year.  My husband is a good guy, but is not at all sentimental, romantic or spiritual in any way.  I often wonder how we stay together at times.  He is not into holidays at all, and really doesn't get excited by much.  I think some of his scrooginess has worn off on me.

In spite of skipping the holidays this year, I truly do wish everyone else a fabulous holiday season.  It used to be my favorite time of the year, and hopefully someday it will be again.  Now I have to go and finish my last lab and study for that exam!


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