Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Basset update

I went to visit Hurley yesterday with the hubby.  He is doing fairly well so far, and this morning the doc called and said he can stand and has voluntary movement in both back legs.  This is excellent news.  Although he is not "correcting" yet, the vet said not to worry, he is progressing normally and is doing exactly as they would want him to and expect him to.

Because of his cuteness factor, the vet also told me that he is getting a massive amount of attention.  He laughed and said that every time he walks by Hurley's enclosure, there is a tech in with him loving on him.  That makes me happy and they said we can bring his stuffed animals and rope toy in for him.  We hope to have him home by Friday, as long as he is going potty by himself and standing and walking with help, that may just happen.

Mcgyver has built him an enclosure in the living room and I will take some pics of that later today.  It will be a long recovery, but we are very optimistic.

The incision is pretty long, and it was a little bit of a shock to see him all shaved with all the staples, but he seems to be comfortable.. of course he had the pain patch on still yesterday.

Today, he is on all oral meds and is doing well.  I will be visiting today after class, and will take a couple more pics.  I hope he will be a bit more happy today than he was yesterday.

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