Thursday, April 07, 2011

A whole lotta School going on right now

I think I mentioned that this quarter in school I am crazy.. I have decided to carry 17 credits because well, I need to keep on with the pre-reqs for my program and I wanted to get a new skill as well.

That new skill is Phlebotomy.  I love it.  This is week two of class and I have drawn blood several times already.  All of the fear I had of poking someone with a needle is going away.

I cannot express enough how wonderful my class is.  We have the best group of students and amazing instructors.  I can honestly say that each and every person in my class will make an excellent health care provider.  I am also taking an intermediate algebra class and intro to psych.

Both of these classes are pretty great.  I am thinking that I like psych even more than I thought I did.  We have a pretty great professor, which always helps and the subject matter is more physiological in nature at this point, so my earlier Anatomy and Physiology classes are helping.  I really enjoy learning about the human brain and about cause and effect, modeling and sensory/perception. 

Math for me has always been a struggle.  I fought the math and the math won almost all the way through school.  Going back to school after twenty years, I was fearful of my math history, and I didn't think I would ever get to a place where I would actually love math.  I am a linguistic lover, not a number lover.  That said... wow.. I sure wish I felt this way about math 20 years ago...  I can honestly say, something clicked for me last quarter and I started to get it... really get it... and now?  Now I Lurrrvvee math.  I really like it.  There is something about the order and rules of it that appeal to my 40 something brain that didn't appeal to my younger self.  Weird, I know. 

I actually look forward to math homework now.. Absolutely CRAZY! 

Being a non-traditional student is an adventure in itself, but the thing I love most?  I love the connections I have made at college.  I have told both of my boys.. college is so different from high school.. even when you are older... It is very interesting.  My first go round with college I met some people, some of which I still know, but this time?  I cannot believe how many friendships I am making.  How many wonderful people there are out there who are trying to better themselves through education and new career choices.  How many lovely people who have had amazing life experiences who share the same classrooms.  And to my girls in my communication class group.. Super cool, overachievers, fabulous women, and I still talk with them..

College the second time around is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.. EVER.  I am so happy I did this!

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