Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break

So right now, I am in the middle of my spring break.
This next quarter will be the third full time quarter of my back to school to become a nurse journey.  This blog will probably change a bit, as I am a full time student now and that is really what is on my mind most of the time.
Studying, studying and a little more of that studying.

It is interesting going back to college at this point of my life.  I find that I adore school in a way I never have before.  Even the classes I used to dread, are not so scary.  I have been taking refresher math courses since starting last fall and this next quarter will be my first real math pre-req for nursing.  I am so excited.

More than that, I finally am taking a class where I get to practice a real skill.  I have finished my pre-requisites for Phlebotomy and will be taking the technician and externship class this quarter.  It will be crazy busy as I am also taking a psych class and math.. so I will have 17 credits in all, but I am really happy that I am moving along in this journey.

I also find it frustrating too.  There is so much competition for nursing school here in Washington, and most other states I would think as well.  I talk with my Best friend all the time as she is also going through this journey and we keep each other motivated as this is the toughest road I have been on. 

This road is not for everyone I know.  I want to do this because I have a burning desire to take care of people and to be in a position to help others.  I know I can do it, it is just something I wish I could have done 15 years ago.
As I prepare for school to start again, I find that I am enjoying the break, but wish school would hurry up and start.  Now in two weeks, I will probably be wishing for a break again as the work load intensifies.

Has anyone else gone back to school in their 40's and loved it as well?  Any one else make a career change that was so different from what you had been doing?  Was it fantastic or horrible?

I get my stack of books for next quarter on Monday, so I can't wait to see what I will be reading.. lol.. and I keep doing math everyday, so I will not lose the momentum of my new found math skills.

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