Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 5 and counting

So far, So interesting.

So today marks the fifth day of my not eating any dairy or wheat or gluten or chocolate or well anything that I used to eat on a regular basis.  It has been.. well surprisingly okay for this first five days.  Only two headaches and they weren’t intolerable and the gut is better.  Not great yet, but definitely better.

A side effect.. I am down three pounds.  Now I know it is water weight and it is nothing to get all crazy excited about.. yet.. except that I am a little.  I stuck to my three Zumba classes and one Yoga class.  I am going to try and hit a Zumba class this morning, but I have study group, so It will all depend on the timing.

I am looking at new recipes this weekend in between studying for my first Anatomy Exam and Practical.  I purchased some Gluten Free Bisquick and I hope to try it out tomorrow.  The thing I really want to eat?  A brownie.. Because it is chocolate, gooey and yummy.  So I have to figure our a solution for that one. 

I do have a new favorite fruit at night.  The Asian Pear.  Wow.  Crispy, light and packed with water.  It’s texture to me is like really good watermelon.  That helps a great deal for me at night when I just have to have something sweet. 

I am loving Zumba so much and Yoga was good.  I hope that I can get much better in Yoga.. it is hard for me.. and I am much stiffer on the left than the right.  I will keep at it though, as this is the year for me.  I figured out my goal weight.. 135lbs.  That gives me 5 lbs either way.

I am 70 lbs away now.. so I have a very long way to go.. but it is only 7 lbs a month on average that I need to lose.. that I can totally do.. especially if I can do the two a week that is my goal.
More important.. I think I want to do something this year that scares the living daylights out of me.  I would like to run a race and bike the Seattle to Vancouver Bike ride. Why would these things scare me?  I don't like to run because I am scared I will fall down and embarress myself.. and because I can't run very well yet, I feel like a total goober when I run.  The bike ride.. totally up my ally except all I have for a bike right now is a beach cruiser.. no gears, and no way can I ride it from here to the store let alone from Seattle to Portland or Seattle to Vancouver.. but those are things I am tossing around in my brain to keep me focused on my goals.

Happy Weekend.. I am now off to study group for the next 8 hours!

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