Thursday, April 12, 2012

RIP My beautiful horse

The beautiful Beau.. who is now with my family in heaven and our dog Jake.

Hello everyone.. I have been absent for two reasons.  One very sad, and the other very important.  I finished up last quarter with Anatomy, and I am now in Physiology.  Unfortunately, the night before finals, my beautiful Beau horse was presenting with colic like symptoms.  We opted for surgery, but it was not colic, it was a cyst that had lodged just right in his gut.  They couldn't save him so I lost my beautiful horse.  It has been a very very sad time for me and I have pretty much thrown myself into school now.  This quarter it is Honors Nutrition, Statistics, Weightlifting, and Physiology.  If I can't ride, I can at least focus on school.

I really enjoy weightlifting and nutrition.  I just learned today that Palm oil is mostly grown on plantations in tropical climates that are not being sustained.  Only 6% of Palm oil is grown sustainably.  Palm oil is in 50% of all processed foods.. makes you think. 

Honors nutrition class has really opened my eyes.  I may even start posting some stuff from that class and my weightlifting class.

I just miss my horse though, and I am doing everything I can to not dwell too much.  I have cried and cried.    I cry even though I believe that my father is looking after my horse.

My husband though is building a beautiful box to put his ashes in.  We had him privately cremated so that he can be with me wherever I go.. I know to some it is a little creepy, but for me, I needed to do that, so that he wasn't just gone.

If anyone is still reading this... have a fabulous rest of the week!

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Made In The South said...

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved horse.
I will pray for you to find peace. I am certain your father is taking very good care of him.
You have so much on you with school and then this.
Sending you hugs,


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