Monday, October 12, 2009

Home at last

I have been absent from posting due to moving.. Yep.. that is right.  We are moved.  We have a ton of work to do before we can move things in properly, but I have my bed, the kids are both here, we can cook in the kitchen and so far, everything works!  Even the Arena lights!!!

I am posting a couple of our "before pics today" along with the first thing I am going to tackle, project wise.  I will have to wait a couple weeks, as we have items on the appraisal hold back tick sheet to complete first and I have to follow husbands law on that.

Here is the outside of our house right now.

It is a tad bit blurry, it is freezing outside, so I might have shaken a

and here is one of the first projects I want to tackle!

This chandelier is in the dining room (which is our bedroom right now, until we get the master painted and the floors done.  I have big plans for this baby so stay tuned.

Another project I have on my list is a coffee table I picked up at a thrift store right after we moved out of our old house.  It will most likely get done next weekend.  I have today off and am back to work for a couple days and then will be taking another few days off to help McGyver get things done around here.

Happy Monday!

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Lori E said...

Well sleeping and cooking are a big start. I hope it continues to go well.


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