Thursday, October 01, 2009

Saur-Kraut Band

DSCN0483, originally uploaded by mysticfish.
I had mentioned that I would tell you all about the funny thing that happened while McGyver and I were in the bar. We had sat down at a table near to the front and These folks in funny clothes kept coming in.. there must have been about twenty of them. They are a band that is comprised of the American Legion chapter there and they raise money for charity by selling buttons, pins, shirts and hats. They were Awesome. The look on McGyvers face though.. Priceless.. he actually ended up enjoying it.. these folks were really good.. but they played Right in Front of us the entire time. Talk about front row seats. We really enjoyed them. They played awhile and then wandered down the street to play somewhere else. That is what they do.. just pop in, play and then head out to play somewhere else during the festival. Pretty cool, I think.

Here is McGyver watching


I will finish up posting some of the other photos from our drive back today, I really hope you have enjoyed them!

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Lori E said...

What a hoot that is. I love her blue flapper dress. I bet they have such fun.


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