Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Wow!  McGyver and I have been working on the house non stop since last Thursday morning which is why I have not posted until now.  I came back to work to get a bit of a break on the home repair front.  He is still working on the list this week.

I will have to post pictures later as I did not bring the nettie book with the pics on it with me today. 

So far We have done:

New Trim and New Baseboard Trim in:
Master Bedroom (including trimming out the closets)
Both of the kids rooms (including trimming out the closets)
Kitchen area

We have painted the ceilings in all of those areas as well
Painted the two hall closets and trimmed out the floors in Cedar
Painted the shelving in the hall closets
Got new carpet in all the bedrooms
New carpet in Living room
Cleaned most of the kitchen cabinets and removed most of the icky contact paper
Caulked all of the areas that needed it (that was a HUGE job)
Caulked the south wall of the garage and prepped it for paint
Cleaned the pellet stove and decided that our life is now all about pellets
Removed the nasty draperies and dropped them at the cleaners
Painted all the bedrooms and hallway
Cleaned and trimmed out the master bath

Today he will be doing the exterior stuff as we are having a one day break in the rain, and then we are back to interior stuff this evening and the rest of the week.

We still have to do on the list:
Tile work in the master bath
repair to the wall board in the hall bath
Replacement of vinyl flooring in the 3rd bath/laundry room
2nd coat of paint on the trim that is icky
Finish installing trim in Living room
Cleaning the cabinets in hall bath
Install Blinds in all bedrooms, living room and family room

After the barn is done, then I have the following projects while he is remodeling the kitchen (besides helping him)
Chandelier painting and redo
Coffee Table redo
Painting all the Bathroom Cabinets
Replace all the bath countertops, mirrors, sinks and faucets
Replace Master Bath Shower door
Window treatments in family room, dining room and bedrooms

Whew.. that is a bunch.. but the progress.. WOW
It is amazing what some paint, carpet, new trim and murhpy's oil soap will do to a nasty, dirty, yucky space.

The back of the house, is lighter, cleaner, brighter and smells GREAT!

I love the cedar in the closets, and was thrilled when McGyver decided to do that for the flooring in the hall closets!  I will post those pics tonight.  I may just post the start to finish on Flickr and put a slideshow up.

Hope everyone's week is going well.. I am off to get caught up in what is happening in blogland and get some more GREAT inspirations!

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