Wednesday, July 29, 2009

House Countdown again

Yesterday I received the beginning of the documents to close our house. This is the Third attempt for us to buy a house this Spring/Summer. We should close by the 21st of August. I have my fingers crossed, have knocked on many pieces of wood, have said a prayer to God, Jesus, Mary, St Francis, Joan of Ark, Zeus, The Pope and the President, all hoping that this deal finally goes through and I can move out of the 5th Wheel and into a real house..

Nothing against trailers.. I am just soooo over Camping with the kids separated and the DH trying to get the over the air antenna to pick up Retro TV so he can watch Knight rider.. I mean.. REALLY. If they would play Dukes of Hazard and Chips and the Love Boat.. with some Fantasy Island thrown in, I would be right there with him, banging on stuff. But I just can't get all worked up over David HasselHoff and Kit, not to mention that the Incredible Hulk is on right after that and that the A team plays right before... Man shows really.

Anyhoooo.. back to the real estate. Below are some helpful suggestions if you find yourself in a simliar situation...

Some things I have learned in the process:

1. Don't sell your house before you have another home to purchase.. that was just a dumb idea.

*The reasoning.. no one but no one will take a contingent offer right now.. and we will be stronger buyers with cash in hand* Says the DH and our Agent.. Okay.. but the trade off? LIVING in a Motor home for over 60 days with Said DH, one of the Teenagers and Three Dogs.. One of whom is a 70+ lb Chocolate Lab.. ummm.. yeah.. in 214 sq feet.. Yeah.. that works.*

2. If you do decide to sell before you buy.. have a back up plan..
*see above*

3. Do not attempt to buy a short sale house unless it is for investment purposes and you have like 6 months to wait around for the bank to get back to you. *We put in an offer 1 day after our house sold in May.. we have yet to receive an acceptance letter from the bank*

4. Research the sellers. We got all the way to closing before finding out we were dealing with freaks. *this is apparently highly unusual*.. hmmm it is Real Estate..NOTHING surprises me anymore.

5. If you do find yourself living at your recreational property longer than anticipated.. try to NOT divorce your spouse.. *This is sometimes difficult, I know.. because we have been thinking about how NOT to move into another dwelling with each other at times during this process*

6. Make Sure that when you put in your THIRD offer for a THIRD property, you ask lots and lots of questions like we did.. here is a small sample:

a. Are they Crazy? Anyone on the Seller's side having problems mentally or

b. Are they able to complete the sale?

c. Are they employed? Stable? Crazy? Seriously, we want to know. Just tell us
now, instead of after we have ordered utilities, bribed all of our friends, hired a
horse transport, and generally scheduled time off of work, made all kinds of plans
and mentally decorated every single room in the house. ( Oh how I am grieving
for the loss of that kitchen and the pantry and the space..)

d. Can we just have them sign something stating they are not going to back out after
we sign papers and then not respond to anyone, including their own broker, agent
and our attorney? Please?

These are the questions we had to ask. It saddens me that it has spiraled into this place of not trusting a nice elderly lady and her family.

I am also really struggling to come to grips with the smaller house thing. I had visions of moving UP in a house, not downsizing.

If the house closes, this Blog will transition into one primarily focusing on Home Improvement, Gardening, Farm live and living in a small space while trying to create culinary treats.

It will also probably still contain crazy rants.. like today. That is all..


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