Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday, Monday

It is HOT here.. Up here in the Pacific Northwest.. We don't DO 90 and over for extended periods of time.. so the last week has been inching up to that over 90 stuff.. and this weekend we had these crazy thunderstorms and heat and holy crap it was 70 on my way into work before 7am!

I was acclimated to Minnesota heat when I came back to the PNW.. and I wore a sweatshirt most of the rest of the summer here. Now I am acclimated back to the drizzly weather and we get this crazy heat.

I spent 5+ hours cleaning out the Funky Hoopty (The 5th wheel we bought to be our cabin at the property where we are living out of RV's at the time.. earlier post.)

I knew the trailer had A/C but Hubby had to vent the roof properly. I went to grill steak.. and we were out of Propane.. so I had to go over the Motor Home... since the 5th wheel had the A/C on for DH, Son and puppies.. so I go and fry and broil steaks in the NON A/C RV.. Hmmmmmm

But we got to all sit at the table, and the 5th Wheel is a big step up in Room for us... I will post pics of the new digs over the next Week.. I still have mucho laundry from the weekend to do tonight.. and propane to get, and items to move.. so I am now off to pick up the baby who is bound to be hot and fussy and cranky.. GREAT.. just like me..


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