Thursday, July 23, 2009

Round Two of Real Estate

We are officially "signed around" on a second Purchase and Sale agreement. This house is the second try. We sold our house back in May of this year in only 16 days, which we really did not anticipate. (This turned out to be a bummer and an adventure)

We have been living in our 24ft MotorHome since June 6th and it is really starting to wear on me, and my man, and Bubba, my teenager that is living in the tent. The three dogs are still okay, although there are times I think they really are contemplating running off into the forest and leaving us, hoping to find someone that will take them to a place that has more than one room.

Ahhhhhh Home Sweet Home.. Aint she a beauty???

This houses Myself, The Husband, One of the teenagers, and three lovely pooches.

Seen Here:
Bella - Our Jack Russell Child.. She is confused.. Sometimes she knows she is a dog.. and other times she is convinced that she is the actual baby of the family and demands the same level of respect that I did as a child.. I mean I was the Baby.. and I demanded RESPECT for MY position as Daddy's girl, the baby and the getter-of-my-way-at-all-times person.

And then there is Husbands Dog:
Mack.. affectionately called Mack Daddy.. cause all the girl dogs love him.. and he loves to Mack on them.. Seriously.. He does.. and what a handsome dude he is.. We think he is a bit Majestic.. although I am convinced he is related to Houdini.. since he practices the art of escape daily.. he is a hound.. and HOUNDS must follow their NOSES.. wherever it takes them.. even if it is to the neighbors sliding glass door.

I have saved the best pooch for Last.. That is because she is my dog.. my perfect dog.. The most wonderful dog in the entire world.. and NO.. I don't play favorites
She is my Sissy.. I rescued her from mean people when she was 7 months old.. during a really really bad and tragic time in my life and we are best buds.. she is super cool and she can run really really fast when she wants to. She is also a bit mischievous.. like someone else I know.. but not personally or anything..

The other cast members in the drama that is unfolding this summer out at our recreational property are the Husband.. who I think is pretty darn cute:Also.. my Bubba.. my 14year old teenager that is filled with that teenage angst:

I just want to squeeze him.. Man I love this kid.. He is my baby doll.

The other son, whom I miss like crazy.. is Here:He is a total goofball college student. here he is giving us the rundown on his Mad Skills.. this is when he still had long hair. I need a new picture of son.. I will take some at the family Reunion this weekend. I plan on Taking Many Many pictures this weekend with both my cheapo little Nikon and my Super cool Ass Panasonic Lumix.

My eldest Teenager whom I adore and miss like crazy is being cared for by his auntie and the cutest child in the universe next to my boys.. My niece.. shown here.. cuz she is so cute I could just gobble her up!
She is my little Bug.. and ohhhh how I love this child.

There are more cast members, but this is already too long of a post and I have lost most people's interest back at the motor home.. But it has made me smile a bit to post these pictures and write about those I love..

Ciao for Now

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