Friday, July 24, 2009

I love me a Friday

I love Friday. When you work the standard work week of five days, Monday through Friday, Friday is the end of the weekly journey at work.

I like my job. I love my time off.

This weekend is the annual family reunion weekend. Which means that it won't be the sleep filled, relax by the fire with a glass of wine, stare at my cute husband while he fiddles with the fire, kind of weekend.

Instead, it will be a weekend filled with sharing an RV with my sister, her boyfriend, the baby and my teenager. It will be filled with Jello Shots, Captain and Dr. Pepper, potluck and Horse shoe tournaments. It will also be filled with long grass, fires, grilled oysters, duck dashes and raffles. It might be filled with a couple of brawls.. (They are a bit redneck), and several hangovers. It will also be filled with laughter, babies, kids crying, back slapping and trash talk over "throwing the shoes".. or as one of my most favorite cousin puts it.. "throwing the hornnnnssss".

I have some messed up family members.. but boy howdy are they fun, entertaining and would give you the shirt off of their back.. literally.. if you needed to wipe up a spill or something.

I promise to take some photos.. I am bringing both the little Nikon and the big Lumix and hope to stay sober enough at least for a few hours to snap some family memories.

Here are a couple of photos from past reunions....
Sister pre-baby with her other baby Booker.. He is much bigger than Sissy.. and we think he is pretty cool
Because someone dared him to do it.. and Doc doesn't take a dare lightly..

Favorite cousins son.. who is now 16.. and this kid will be famous.. He is the most comedic kid with the best timing I have ever known.. They call him Derf..LOL.. and Chainsaw... and B... and a host of other nicknames.. He races dirtbikes like my son.. but he is much faster and has a lot more guts that the P does. I like him almost as much as my own boys.. He totally cracks me up.

Till Next week.. enjoy your family and weekend and I hope someone out there will get to have a small fire and a nice glass of wine.. and sleep in and stare at their cute other half.. while I go tend to the reunion.


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