Monday, February 08, 2010

Barn and Arena.. almost functional

I am four days away from putting my horse in my own trailer and bringing him home. It is the realization of a dream that started 4 years ago. I cannot believe it is actually happening!

This last weekend we worked very hard to take the barn/arena from this:
house 519

To this:
X6YJM 115

and it would not have been at all possible without the help of my sisters Significant Other.. who operated a full size loader/Backhoe most of Saturday doing all kinds of moving and clearing and leveling!!!!
X6YJM 177

Here are the highlights:

On Friday Afternoon.. I got this delivered:

X6YJM 181

And this Tongue and Groove

X6YJM 184

When this showed up on Saturday:
X6YJM 180

and he did lots of work all day, moving dirt and wood piles and debris and clearing up a spot for me to put Beau outside.. and here is where he gets to go outside:
X6YJM 190

of course our supervisor was there making sure that we did things right:
X6YJM 208

and I got really excited when he starting in the arena:

X6YJM 217

I just wanted to drive that thing!

We purchased hardware for the gate yesterday, and hinges and latches for the stall door. This week I am on the hunt for a few things for the tack room... Next weekend is all about fencing, tack room ceilings and finishing things up.. including about three pickup loads of wood chips for the aisle.. stay tuned.. I am almost functional....

Finish work will not be totally done until it is drier and warmer...but even so.. I am pleased with what we have accomplished so far...

Another funny note.. the gal that used to own the place came by.. and THAT is a topic for another post.


jennybean79 said...

Oh my gosh - that's so cool. I bet you are just beside yourself with excitement. I especially love the new footing. I wish you luck and a safe journey bringing Beau home.

Ps. I can't wait to hear about the former owner.

small farm girl said...

That is one of the cutest supervisors I have ever seen!lol

I bet you can hardly wait to go riding in your arena. I know I couldn't. It's looking very good.


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