Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Beach Trip

Picnik collage, originally uploaded by mysticfish.

It is coming up on my birthday again.. this will be a milestone birthday for me this month.. and last year I got to take a fabulous trip to the beach with one of my best friends. She flew out from Minnesota and we drove to the coast and spent the weekend laughing, playing blackjack, getting spa treatments, drinking, eating and taking pictures. We took the long way home.. and when I did this collage, I could not help thinking back to that fabulous trip and wishing to repeat it this year. I don't think a weekend trip will happen, however.... I was just informed that I may be able to clinic with someone that weekend.. and take my portable pony out for a spin.. since he will be coming home on February 12th!!! yipppeee.


Lori E said...

Oh the girlfriend weekends are so much fun and sorely needed. I just received an email from one of my oldest friends today talking about how our friends are so important to women. Hear, hear..
Happy milestone birthday.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! I've not had a fun girlfriend weekend in so long! I wish it would work out for you, but riding your pony again sounds like a great way to celebrate, too.

Happy Birthday!!!



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