Wednesday, February 17, 2010

catch up

I have tons of pictures I want to share, but with a new position at work and some other things going on this week.. I am just SLAMMED.

The update:

Beau is HOME! Whoo Hoo! Last Saturday I was a bit nervous as he was having a hard time settling down, but by Sunday afternoon it was much better.

I don't think having him alone is a long term solution, he will have to have a friend sooner than later.

I have ridden him twice at home and once was last night.. it was interesting.. and went okay.. but it will be a couple of weeks I think until he settles down.

I have a new position at work, so I am a bit swamped.. and I will have to write and catch up later... Happy week..


Gail said...

Enjoy the riding!

Lori E said...

I hope you find the time to ride.

small farm girl said...

I'm glad he's home! Don't let work interfer with the important things. Like riding! lol


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