Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I think I overestimated my multi tasking abilities

That list was just tooooo long I guess. 

I did manage to get some things done though.  The LIST is here.

I did get the kitchen Cupboards somewhat organized and cleaned.
I did get 99% of the shelves lined
I did get some laundry done (but it has now piled up again.. argghh)
I did get my things moved from the barn
I did get my horse moved
I did get the floors swept and the carpet vacuumed.

This week has been crazy as usual. 
DH has decided that he is "taking a little break" from stuff.  Lucky him.  I still have to go to work each day and do all the extra stuff.

He helps by making dinner, and my DS does do most of the dishes, but when I come home from Barn chores there is still a list a mile long.

Last night I did NOT do my before bed routine and this morning I had to iron a shirt for work, make a lunch, do dishes and was feeling like I was running behind.

Now today I have a sore throat and an earache.  I am going to go and get a strep test.. ICK

Hopefully I can also run out to get my girth as well.

At least I am halfway through the work week.  We have baby this weekend, so I can forget about working on OUR barn this weekend.. I will focus on the things I did not get accomplished last weekend.

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Lori E said...

You did manage to change your whole blog though. Wow. Nice.


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