Monday, November 02, 2009

Busy weekend, busy week

Crazy Monday.  I did not meal plan and I will sooo pay for that.  I need to try and work that in tonight.  As I get ready to head out the door on the end of a work day, it occurs to me that I have many things yet to accomplish.

My plan was to get a WHOLE lot accomplished this last weekend.  I did accomplish some things, but NOTHING near to what I had hoped.  I guess the progress before perfection really needs to apply here, but I am having a little problem with that.

I still have a gazillion boxes in the garage, The kitchen is still not where I want it Pre-Remodel, and there are still a gazillion things to fix before moving Beau Home. 

What I did get done?  Beau moved to a new home which will now require me to do about 80-90% of the work.  No more full care
So each day this week after work I will be:
Picking up the baby,
Changing my clothes to barn clothes
Driving 30 minutes
Cleaning a stall, changing water, sweeping up
doing some lunging/walk trotting with my horse that has lost all of his muscle by being off for the last 5 months
cleaning him up
driving another 30 minutes
Fixing dinner
Laundry, and getting clothes ready for the next day
General running around the house for the DH and Child
Getting coffee ready
Crashing by 10:30pm  (I HOPE)
Then I get to get up at 5:30am and start the day all over again..lo

We shall see how this routine works out, although since Mcgyver is still home this week.. He is going to help out in the fixing dinner department.

Wish me luck.. Happy Monday

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Lori E said...

Oh my that is a lot on your plate. Make sure you take good care of yourself or you will be of no use to anyone. If Momma aint happy, no one is happy.


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