Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On a roll

So last night I rode again.. mostly by myself.. and without the pre-lunge that I used to do.

He came out a little fresh and a little snorty.. but went to work when I asked.

I did a long slow warm up.. lots of walking and serpentine's and some tear drop shaped maneuvers.. I had gone to a clinic where it was shared that this is a good exercise for fast walkers and horses that have trouble with the rythm and moving a little too forward.

It helps focus both of us actually.  I worked on elasticity through my wrists by having the contact come through my elbow and not my hands.. I tried to keep "rubber bands" as my mantra last night.  At times it works pretty good.

Our left track is still really bad and I knew last night that I collapse more on that track.. I really have to work on that.

His canter to the right track was heaven.  His big bouncy trot is something I live with and work with because when he is all light and floaty.. His canter is heaven.. I could canter this horse all day.. it is like a beautiful rocking, smooth wave.. ahhhh I have to not get greedy though.

He did break at the canter and I recovered, which was a pretty good save for me.. usually I have to "start over".  I got a little buck from him on the left track when I asked for that it was a little tiny.. funny kind of buck.

I totally take for granted at times how well he takes his leads, and just does what is asked most of the time.  We had Zero fights and only a few times did I have to remind him that we were moving off of the leg and not into the leg..

Tonight is the big sale at the Farmers Supply that is after hours and so T and I are attending that.  Tomorrow night is our good friends birthday party at her farm and this weekend my paddock is being built and my arena is getting posts set as well!  Things are progressing and I will commit to taking pictures this weekend.

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Lori E said...

This is a much more complicated sport than I knew. Lots to learn for both of you.


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