Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beautiful Ride

I hope to have a repeat of last night tonight. 

I hopped on my out of shape horse, with my out of shape self, and did a 20 minute session.

I get tired out before he does right now. 

I was so thrilled, I didn't lunge him first, just got on and rode.. and we were totally okay.  I cantered both directions, did some circles that were somewhat round.. and he even did a NICE walk afterwards.

Beau typically hates to walk after he canters.  He thinks that cantering is really fun and exciting and then he thinks that it is just time to go-go-go-go....

I was very proud of myself that I relaxed, cantered, and then enticed him with nice contact on the reins and a deep seat to just relax and walk without the JIG.. and we did it.. both directions.

I am hoping for another Beautiful (to me) ride tonight.

1 comment:

Lori E said...

This does sound beautiful. It is something many, many people would look forward to every day. Give him a pat for me please.


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