Friday, August 07, 2009

Another Closing Date has passed

People like to ask me.. "Have a house yet?".. and I am still responding.. NO! Thank you very much.. I don't. I have stopped talking about it, and really kind of stopped thinking about this house that we were supposed to close on this last Monday.

There is a delay. It is a fixable delay, but again it is caused by the other side not having their "stuff" together. It is starting to make be more than a little anxious as we are T Minus 4 weeks for school to start for the young Padawan. I still have School Clothes and Supply Shopping to do.. which I have held off on because.. OH yeah.. WE LIVE IN A TRAILER! and there is really no where for brand new clothes to go.. except for in a bin in the storage place.

I know that I will have to break down and go and do it while the best sales are on.. because my husband likes to remind me that "we are trying to buy a house here and we don't have extra money to be flinging around on clothing and paper for our 14 year old child who is entering high school."

Except that we have yet to actually go through a closing and "BUY A HOUSE.".. Most people tell us that it is a sign of the times and this is just a reflection of what is going on out there. I look at them in awe and I really don't respond any more.

I don't tell them that a. It is either God has a serious problem with us and wants us to suffer through this so we might go back to church, or B. It is just a string of bad luck because I somehow have some serious bad Karma.. probably because I haven't been to church in awhile.

Our Real Estate Agent is a very nice lady. She is also extremely level headed, wonderfully patient with me and is very very smart. She has really made this all semi tolerable. I think I would have gone to jail for assault if she hadn't been around to intervene in the last deal that went south due to the crazy sellers. One that front.. we STILL have not gotten our earnest money back. I think they are of the mind of sticking their heads in the sand and we will get bored and finally go away. That is horribly naive thinking on their part as I am as stubborn as they come and you cannot rip me off, steal my house, turn my life upside down and keep me from a really nice kitchen without having some repercussions here people!

I had so many things I wanted to write about today, but after my rant I am running out of steam a little bit. I went to the Doctor last night and it was the WORST appointment of my life. When did Doctors get cold, unfeeling and rush through things without listening to a WORD their patients say.. and then require them to come back for a 10 min procedure because they just don't feel like doing it?????????

At least my son got his sports physical.. his first one.. LOL.. I wasn't in the room for the exam.. you know the one.. the hand and the coughing????? ... but when I asked him about it.. He laughed and said it was just Weird.. and then he looked and me and said.. Drop it mom.. That is all you are getting.. Man.. that kid really knows his mama.. then I dropped him off after Taco Bell at my friends place. Her hubby is taking his son and mine to a Mariners game tonight.. They are excited.. if they are one of the first 20k, they will get a bobble head.. I know that is why I would go.. the bobble head. His aunt told him to get the garlic fries since that is the only reason she goes.. I told him I wanted the bobble head.. and he just said NO.. you cannot have it.. so I told him that I would never buy him Taco Bell again.. and he just laughed.. he knows I won't totally nix Taco Bell forever.. plus.. his brother would take him anyway.

The only really good thing about today is that it is Friday.. and that means two whole days of not having to go to work.. ahhhh.. two days!

Enjoy your weekend.. I know I am going to.

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