Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Happy Dance

I love that it is Friday. I don't love the drizzle I woke up to.. but the weekend is supposed to turn out nice in the weather department.

This is good. This is very good. This is necessary as we are going to Emerald Downs tomorrow with the Morgan Horse Club Youth Group for a tour and a picnic and to see beautiful horses.

I could write about the opposing views on horse racing, but I am going to keep

mute on that subject for now. One, because I don't have the brain power right now to tackle that issue, and two I have mixed feelings about the sport myself. I have had two off the track horses with two totally different circumstances. My parents were very good friends with a farm owner and I had two beautiful broodmares and babies when I was eighteen.

I remember being able to go to the barns at Longacres when I was old enough and I will never forget those magnificent creatures when I was at the peak of my horse crazy self. I have never really gotten over my horse crazy stage, but it has been tempered by other events in my life.

I have a horse again now.. and he is never going to be a Thoroughbred.. he is a Morgan.. and I pretend that he is going to be an upper level Dressage horse.. (I can always dream).

The majesty of him though is not lost on the fact that he can't race. Watching those horses burst out of the gate and run down that track, I can tell you this for sure after growing up around this sport... Those horses LOVE to run. They have to. They would never make it to the gate if they didn't absolutely LOVE their job. Horses have personalities.. Horses have VERY strong personalities at times.. and Most of them that race or compete on certain levels of Dressage and Jumping and the equine sports that require them to be incredible athletes.. love what they do. Not all.. I will concede that their are evil people out there.. and evil methods, and stupidity around a good deal of corners.. but for the most part.. the horses that are out their competing LOVE their jobs.

Beau is a fabulous example of this. Beau is a World Champion Hunter. He has won in the A world show in OK.. however.. he likes to do other things... Dressage is interesting to him.. but it is hard.. so he protests for a little bit.. but then he gets into it, because it keeps his mind busy.. he has to Think.. and Beau likes to think.. he likes to be a couple steps ahead of me at all times.. it is in his personality. But what he really loves.. is to go into a show ring.. My horse is vain.. there is no other way to say it. He can be an ASS at home.. take him to the show grounds.. and he is much calmer.. it is weird. Warm up.. he is all posturing, blowing, snorting.. being a giraffe.. but the minute that "bingo" music (as my husband calls it) starts and the arena gates open for the class... my horse is ALL business.

The best example I have seen is last year when we went to a Morgan show in Oregon. I loaned him to my trainers daughter for a youth hunter class and she went in with 14 other kids.. this was the 14-17 Hunter Pleasure class.. the biggest of the day. The arena was not made for 15 girls going mach 10 on horses that in some cases were too much horse for the rider. Beau and K went in.. he was all business. She didn't even TRY to ride him.. and still they looked great (she was having a teenage moment right before the class), but he didn't care.. he went around all of the blow ups (three kids excused, two came off of their horses), and just maneuvered around with not a shake of his head or a nostril flare. I was so proud of him. He takes care of his rider at all times in the show ring. He is the ultimate gentleman in the ring.. of course he loves to go mach 10.. it is his favorite gait (extended trot and extended canter), because he is that cool.

Coming back around to my point... I am not that into showing.. and I really don't get Morgan Hunter classes.. I learned to event when I was 14 and Hunter meant long and low so they could stretch for a proper hack.. Morgans are all bridled up in a "frame".. not my kind of hunter. But because he loves it.. we will head back to a couple of the Morgan shows next year so my horse can get his fix.. either with me.. or K. She has said she would like to ride a "competitive" horse next year, and I told her he was available. I can still attempt my dressage goals, and he can get his kicks going around in those circles while a very sweet older lady plays the organ...and hopefully puts a smile on the face of a very sweet 17 year old girl that would just love to "win" a couple.

I am looking forward to hanging out with the club tomorrow and watch a couple races. On Sunday I am going to go and Hug my horse and give him a good grooming. He has been a pasture ornament this summer and we are getting ready to move him soon so he can get back to work. More on that later.

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