Monday, August 24, 2009

Another Weekend gone

Another Weekend with no resolution. I seriously feel like I am just floating along with no direction and that tends to drive me crazy.

This weekend though, I finally washed my car, did crazy amounts of laundry at the laundromat, and had the sister and niece out for the day on Saturday. That was pretty awesome.

This week is the deciding week. Either we get to move in to the house prior to close or we walk from the deal and find a house to rent this weekend and my vacation is spent getting moved into a rental.. UGHHHH..

I really don't want to move three times in a short time period, but the alternative is worse.

That this is crush week at work doesn't help at all. I have a million things to do and no real time to get any of them done to the satisfaction I want.

Time to put my work hat on, and take off the real estate whining hat. High Ho.. High Ho.. it's off to work I go.. (whistling as I walk away from this post)

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