Friday, August 21, 2009

Another Friday

I hate to keep writing about Real Estate.  I would much rather regale you with tales of riding my pony, whipping up a fabulous batch of home made cinnamon rolls or the Fabulous BBQ Pork which I will share as soon as I make it again!  (the weather is still on the warm side)

So the latest installment of As the Real Estate Sale Turns is another "close to whiny post for me".  I hate Whining.  I come from the "Buck up little camper" school of thought.  However.. the optimism of 70 days of RV living NOT by choice with a husband, a teenager and three lovely puppies has worn thin.  Very thin.  We are two weeks away from school starting, so I am in a moderate state of panic over my son starting High School while living in GBNT. . and we don't have a GB address so he can't start high school in the closest town.  This would mean an 1.5 hour commute to school in the A.M. for him and he would have to go to a cousins house after school and wait to be picked up at about 6pm and then another 1.5 hour commute back to the trailer.

This would be such a hardship on both him and I that I just cannot bear to think about it too much.

We got an update on how long the title issue would take to get fixed.... Up to 8 weeks.  We are supposed to close in 7 days.  I am again.. in a moderate state of panic over this.

I wish that I could convey the absolute craziness of this summer and our attempts to buy a house.  We are both employed, we have excellent credit, the lowest debt ratio you can imagine.. we have ZERO credit card debt, we have more than 20% to put down, we are NICE people for goodness sakes, and yet it is us that is inconvenienced.  This is why I say;  folks to be careful how quickly you sell your home and to plan for
Contingencies. We planned for Contingencies, but not for TWO failed closings due to other peoples issues.

I choose to remain somewhat optimistic in thinking that this will be worked out and I will be getting a moving truck next week and all will be well.  I choose to believe that I have not pissed God off to the point that he will leave us stranded without a place to live.. and I am aware of the many things I DO have to be thankful for.  I figured I would jot them down.. it is always helpful to remember what you are thankful for on a Friday afternoon.

1.  I do have a bed to sleep on (it is a mattress on the floor, but it is a bed and it is pretty comfy)
2.  I have hot water, a decent size shower, and a working Potty.  (This really should be #1)
3.  I have my husband and at least one of my kids with me
4.  Our dogs are with us
5.  My Aunt and Uncle are our neighbors most of the time, and they offer us a beer usually.. and dinner
6.  I have a nice car to drive and make that long commute with
7.  My horse is safe, well fed and happy.. and the boarding owner is FABULOUS
8.  I have a John Deere tractor waiting to mow grass stored at above Boarding Facility
9.  My little Sister is the bees knees for keeping our Motor Home, Our oldest son, and our Hot Tub in storage at her house for FREE
10.  I have learned to do more with less
11.  I have learned to laugh at things that could and should make me cry.
12.  We have saved tons of money by not paying a mortgage, cable bill, water bill, or garbage bill., 19 year old eating grocery bill, . our monthly living expenses minus gas and groceries, insurance and car payment are 84.00 a month.. NOT bad~!

I am most thankful that both my husband and I are able to purchase another house..meaning we ARE still employed, have not had to take pay cuts or hours cut, we have very little bills and NO real debt other than one car payment.  These are things that carry me through to the next day!

What are YOU thankful for this Friday afternoon?

Enjoy the weekend

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