Thursday, August 27, 2009

Velvet Cows

We are going to miss another closing.  For some weird reason, I am completely calm about all of this today.  I know that I will probably start hyperventilating on Sunday when it hits me that we don't have a house to move into and I will be dropping young Padewan off at School each morning and picking him up from my sisters each day when I drop off the baby. 

Since we were supposed to move this weekend and that has been cancelled, my sister informed me that I would be going to the fair with her.  I don't seem to have a choice in the matter.

My husband has told me that He is NOT going.  He hates crowds, lines and inflated prices on any given day, but put them all together at the fair grounds.. that is a recipe for a very unhappy husband.  So.. it will most likely just be the sister, the baby (hers), the teenager(mine), and myself. 

I Heart Fairs....I love to look at the horses and feel that Beau is more beautiful than any of the horses at the fairgrounds.  I love to see all the different dogs, chickens and goats.  We love to see the pigs and most of all.. we love to look at the cows.  Dairy cattle are just cool to me.. especially the Jersey cows.. I think their coats look like Velvet.. I used to call them Velvet Cows when I was little..

See this:

They are soooo sweet looking!
I wanted to take one home and keep it in the backyard.  I used to believe that I could have random amounts of animals at any given time in my backyard.  My parents disagreed.. They were absolutely NO fun!
Going to the fair is so much fun for me.. and to get to go with the baby for the first time is a huge bonus for me.  I get to be the nana that took Ally to the fair.  
Paxton just wants to ride the rides, so I am not sure how that will work.  Unless he can take a friend, and that friends parent gives them money for a wristband and food.. Paco will be solo.
Since we are not moving.. I have many things to do.. and less to do.. It is bizarre how that translates.
I have to cancel the horse moving, and let my current place know he is staying for another thirty days.. and I have to call the school and see what we have to get for supplies and schedule.. since he is not changing districts.. and I have to rifle through the storage units to try and find my passport..
I have been saying my favorite prayer all morning.. "Little Jesus, lost and found, please bring my "passport" around."
I believe very strongly in prayer... even though I have moved away from my church.. and that means more than the physical location.. my faith is under a test right now and I am really finding that I yearn for another church now.  Another topic for another day.

The little Jesus prayer has brought most things back to me.. including my son's bike that was stolen a few weeks ago.. I said that prayer every day for three days.. and someone found the bike and returned it... so.. saying it sure couldn't hurt since I have to "find" the box I put it in... about three months ago.. thinking it was a temporary thing...
We are looking at a house this evening that has "wife's dream house" written all over it.  I am hopeful but not excited, since my hopes have been dashed far too many times this summer.. but I continue to be optimistic, because the alternitive is just too crappy to think about.
Thursday is the day before Friday.. which means the weekend and the Fair are just around the corner.. Hmmm Roasted corn on the cob, Fair Burgers and Scones.. Here I come!!!.. and hopefully I can pet a Velvet Cow while I am there.

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