Monday, December 28, 2009

Almost done with this crazy year

I know that many people are reflecting this week on the past year.  I have read many wonderful blog posts regarding this very subject.

As I reflect on this past year, I now can look back with a bit more of a humorous viewpoint, instead of the chaotic one I was actually in the middle of.

Some things I did this year that I had not planned on:

1.  Sell our house in 16 days
2.  Turn my Beau out for 5 months and not ride but three times in 4 months over the summer.
3.  Try to buy one of five houses and not get any of them
4.  Live in a motorhome and then a trailer for 5 months with 3 dogs and one teenager
5.  Start a blog
6.  Get my dream property
7.  Move my horse back to my trainers barn.

Most of the above things are funny now that we look back and can see the comedy of errors that took place. 
One of those things has been a blessing in disguise, and one is starting to really make me happy.  Another one of those items is fulfilling a challenge to myself, and another one has turned out to be not as dramatic as I thought it would be.

We have had some wonderful additions to our family this year, with the oldest finding the most wonderful girl.

We have enjoyed Bug so much this year and I have become even closer with her mom, my younger sister.

Our marriage has made it another year, and probably the toughest one we have had.

As I reflect on this year, I can honestly say.. Whew.. I am so glad it is nearly over.  I am planning.. yes planning on having a much more productive, happy, home-centered, family centered year in 2010.

I read another post on New Years Resolutions.  I personally love them.  I agree with the author that it signals hope and positive directions.

What I want to know... does anyone still practice this tradition besides me?  Do you still feel good if you knock only one of them off of the list?  Does anyone have resolutions that are perpetual each year?  I know weight loss is always on mine... and I am vowing that this is the last year that remains a perpetual fixture.. This next year for me is all about getting healthy.. in mind, body and spirit.. Stay tuned in the next couple of days as I outline what that means for me..

What does next year mean for you?

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Lori E said...

I am exhausted just reading your list from last year. Yikes.
I have made one resolution for the coming year.
It is to be nicer to the weird guy who is inserting himself into our coffee group. Not quite sure how he figured he was part of it but it is time to just accept him and his oddities. I have not been very proud of myself for not being friendly. Really I am not like that but then again our coffee group also gets together in our homes too on a much more personal level so we are a little selective of who we invite in.
As for the losing weight I think that is always in the backs of our minds all year. Maybe this will be the year for us.


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