Friday, December 11, 2009


I have been blessed this week.

This week it has been very cold. I mean really cold here. Yesterday morning it was 10 degrees outside. For us.. that is cold.

We don't put the horses out when it is this cold after a warm wet November.. The ground was muddy and now is frozen.. which could lead to injuries.. instead they stay in and get let out in the arena while their stall is cleaned.

I have been blessed however, because the owner of the barn where I keep Beau, has decided that for the last couple of days while he is off of work, we should stay home and stay warm. They are cleaning the stalls, turning the horses in and out, and checking the water several times a day.

I protested at first, but they convinced me that Sunday is soon enough to come and do chores.

We don't ride when it is this cold. Mostly because it is hard on horses and their lungs when it is below freezing. My beautiful Beau is also pretty out of shape and that is a lot to ask a furry beast to do when it is that cold. So they get a break, and we get a break.. and since we are heading East of the Mountains tomorrow.. that is really nice!

I will hopefully get some pretty great pictures this weekend.. it has been awhile since I have taken any.

Tonight we are attending a fundraiser for the children of the slain police officers here. I will do a separate post on that subject later on.

Happy Friday, and I hope everyone else has blessings today.

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