Wednesday, December 30, 2009

First Step to the Barn

The first step in my Barn makeover will be to sort all of the wood we have pulled out.

This barn had wood floors in the stalls when we moved in.

The barn where I first kept Beau had wood floors in the stalls.

I really dislike wood floors.  I wish I had taken pictures of the wood floors, but I can still take pictures of the tack room floors, they are identical to what was in the stalls.. just not rotten.

Wood floors do not stand up well to horses.  We are putting mats over a nice gravel base.

Anyone out there use something different?  Anyone Like Wooden floors in their stalls?

So most of my weekend will be spent pulling nails out of salvageable wood and carting the rotten stuff up to the burn pile.  Joy and Rapture.

I am anxious for the building phase, but we are still in the prep phase..
Hopefully after this weekend we will be moving on to the building phase!

Enjoy New Years, I will be back after the weekend!

1 comment:

New Every Morning said...

What a wonderful project!

Happy New Year!!!


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