Thursday, December 10, 2009

I am really behind in the Christmas Department

I am behind on Christmas Shopping. I am behind on baking for Christmas. I am really behind on Sewing, and we are only going to be home one day this weekend. My weekdays lately are filled with barn chores and coming home to eat and sit.

I will have to change that. I have just added two events to my calendar. One is a Christmas party for next Friday night, and the other is a fundraiser this Friday night.

I still have shopping to do for all of our Christmas Exchange gifts. These are the gifts that I have to ship by next Monday to Mike's family in ALASKA! I am a little stressed by this, but have decided that I can tackle this problem in a couple of ways.

On the Shopping front:

Worry about getting the Alaska folks done this weekend and get those wrapped and shipped pronto.

I shopped online for the majority of the Hubby's gifts, so I am down to just "finishing up" him and the boys..

Try to do a little shopping in Spokane while we are there.. I understand there is a Target and a mall in the same parking lot as the PetSmart we are going to. We will have to be quick if we go after Petsmart, as there is a VERY good chance we will have a Basset Hound in the car with us after our visit.

Next week, I will just have to Buck up and do what I need to do on Weeknights.. which means that Hubs will have to cook a bit, and I will have to do my shopping after the barn, before I get home.

Next weekend, I just need to get the presents wrapped, some baking done and the cleaning done. Hopefully I can get a little sewing done too.

The house projects will just have to wait until after the holidays.

Some other news... Hubs will most likely be laid off come January 1st.

This will definitely impact our lives. Especially since there is so much to do around our house.. I am hoping to see BIG changes from January to June while he is off.. and I really hope it is only 4 months instead of 6 months... He is hoping for 6 months I think..

Financially it will be okay.. we just have to watch our budget and not go crazy. But with my job okay for right now, and because we have been so careful, we should be just fine for at least 9 months to a year.

He has side jobs he can do, and some other things, so it should be all right. I am thinking positive and not letting the worry get to me right now. We will have to sit down after Christmas and decide EXACTLY what our plan is for the next year.

I really wanted to take some classes this next year to start a new career. I hope I will still be able to make that happen.

Back on topic.. is anyone else behind or feeling like this year just came really fast? I feel like the Holidays have crept up on me this year.

The other variable for me is that I have no PTO left this year. I am going to want to save some next year..

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Lori E said...

Basically I have bought nothing and have no ideas. I work well under pressure.
I don't have any packages to send out so that is good.
I try to weed out the things that don't really need to be done. We have a Boxing Day open house every year(Dec. 26)and I feed a bunch of people all day and evening. That is after the big Christmas dinner on the 25th. I don't book myself too full this time of year. A couple of things to attend but I find it better for everyone to postpone some until January.
I hope things go well for you financially this coming year. Now that is a stress that no one needs.


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