Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday, Monday

Oh it is Monday.. and This weekend was pretty crazy!

We had the first snow fall yesterday and ended up watching the entertainment of the intersection out of our windows all day.

Two cars went into our ditch, and countless amounts of cars slid through the intersection, not able to stop.

MacGyver did not want me out driving yesterday, so Beau got taken care of by K who loves to ride him.  I got to spend the day at home, no barn chores.. but I am itching to ride.. so tonight.. even though I have a million Christmas gifts to get, and a million errands to run, I am going to ride.

Yesterday, I spent all day with our new addition.  I have pictures, and if I don't get home too late from Riding, I will post those pictures and post about the adventure we had in picking up that new addition..

I will leave you with this... He has made himself, totally and completely at home and I am so in love!

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Lori E said...

I think you are doing a more important thing by going riding. The shopping will wait.
Ride, enjoy and rejuvenate yourself.


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