Friday, December 04, 2009

Puppy Dreams

I don't know if I had mentioned losing one of our dogs this year.  It was an incredible loss for me. 

Jake was originally my late husband's "Hunting" dog.  Hunting being used very loosely as he really didn't "hunt" anything.  We got Jake when he was just a wee pup and he was such an incredible dog.  He got sick about a year ago and we fought the problems until this last March when it became clear we couldn't even make him comfortable any longer.  My other lab Sissy was his best friend and she has been kind of lonely ever since.

Mack and Bella are best buds and there is not really another mellow dog for her to be with.  I have been bugging the Hubby for some time now about getting another dog.  We have to have a very very laid back, non aggressive breed that will submit to Bella as she is the Jack Terror Russell.

I have done a bunch of research and I really, really, really and REALLY want a Basset Hound.  We have a Beagle, a Terror, and a Chocolate Lab.  I am in love with the Hounds.  We have a good fenced back yard and are seasoned with Mack about hounds.  Hounds are lovely, but if they are a scent hound, you MUST watch them like a hawk.  They can't help it, their noses get them into trouble.  Our Beagle will follow a scent anywhere.. and sometimes he just can't help himself from nosing in the garbage because he smells MEAT.. HE LOVES MEAT..

I know that all dogs love meat.. but for Mack.. it is well.. it is the best thing in his world.  He will appear when meat is cooking out of thin air.  Our other two..they love veggies, fruit, bread, cheese.. you name it.. Mack. NOPE.. just Meat and some Cheese.. He does not care for potatoes or fries or bread.. he will actually only eat bread if it has meat or cheese on it or in rare cases.. if the girls are eating it, he will take some and guard it for awhile and then either eat it or leave it.. Not so with Meat.. he will push the girls out of the way for meat..

But my point.. I have asked for a Basset puppy for Christmas until I went on the WA state Basset Rescue.. and I am in love.  There is a Male who is only 3 and he is EXACTLY what I imagined a Basset to be.. so now I have to convince the hubby to take a drive with me.. for my Christmas present. 

There are so many dogs out there that need a home.. OH lord help me.. I could take another 10 if I could.... We are total dog people.  I love cats too, but not the hubby.. so I will only be able to have barn kitties.. and I won't get any until I have a way to keep them warm and dry in the barn... Anyone else wishing for a puppy or dog or kitty or horse for Christmas.

I don't even want to get started on the horses needing homes around here.. and the crazy willpower I am trying to have.. Two of them are even registered Morgans and another two are Registered Quarter Horses.. JUST CRAZY.

I really would rather have another Rescue as two of our three are rescues.  Bella was the only purchase.

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Lori E said...

Our lab is almost 13 and she is going downhill pretty fast most days. I am cleaning up pee on a regular basis but the old girl doesn't even know she is going anymore.Had our last cat for 18 years.

Much as I love animals, all of them except snakes, I will not be getting any more. We are at a point in our lives where we are free to travel about and I selfishly am going to pass on any and all pets. Maybe after I have had some time with that I will change my mind but not now.

Oh but who doesn't love that bassett face?


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