Thursday, December 24, 2009

Getting things ready for the new year

So as I get ready to take a few days to enjoy my family and our animals.. I am getting ready for the new year.  I am working on a series of goals and how I would like things to be a little different than last year.

As I reflect on the crazy year we had especially concerning Real Estate, I have four distinct wishes and goals for the new year.

1.  Get the Barn and Arena Done!
2.  Finally get a horse trailer
3.  Get the Halt at X Etsy store going
4.  Show training level in at least one Morgan A show and  4 schooling shows

I have many other goals/intentions, but I will leave those for later... most of them involve things I have to do to reach Goal 4.. with exercise, regular riding and nutrition.

I am heading to my favorite wine store after work to get a couple of bottles of wine.  This wine is a favorite of our horsey lady friends and normally is only available in restaurants.  If you can find some.. grab it, it is fantastic.  We like the Merlot Best.

It is alll about the label is it not? 

We are lucky that our wine store carries it!  Try it, it is pretty fabulous.  It is one of the wines we are serving with dinner tomorrow. 
Speaking of Christmas Dinner, we are changing it up a bit this year.

My sister's boyfriend is bringing a turkey (this is a last minute thing).. since it is thawed and he wants to cook it tomorrow at our house.

The rest of our Menu is this:

Grilled London Broil with Sauteed Mushrooms and
Garlic Bread
Salad (From T&T)  That is my trainer/dear friend and her hubby
Brussel Sprouts with Bacon
Glazed Carrots (For my little sister who can eat an entire pan)
Baked potatoes with a topping bar
and the
So I might have to make a little stuffing to go with it

Dessert we are having Pumpkin pie and Cheescake..

So some dishes are fairly traditional for us, but the London Broil on the Grill is what everyone voted on.

I marinate mine for a night, and then we grill them and slice them and serve them with the sauce and mushrooms.. ohhh they are good.
I will post the recipe here sometime next week.. and I will TRY and take pictures this

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