Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Barn Progress

I don't have too much to report.. and the photo evidence is locked away in my camera.  One of these nights I will get them uploaded and added so that you can see what I try to explain here.

Last weekend, we started on the barn.  The original plan was to dismantle all of the salvageable wood, put it in neat piles and see what we had to work with.

MacGyver had another plan.  We had some sections of Deck that we had removed from the backyard and he had drug them down to the arena to dry.  When we tried to disassemble them, they protested quite a bit.  This led him to the idea of using the sections to build the walls of the tack room without taking them apart.

I was skeptical.. very skeptical.  He is, however a very smart man and incredibly handy.  It worked.  It is not the sleek look I was going for, however, it is very functional, very eco friendly as we are re using wood, and it is free.  Free is important to MacGyver.

It is a little more "rustic" looking that I wanted, but after some Bead Board and some cabinets, a couter top, and paint... a little furniture.. I think it will look very very nice. 

I will be sure to get those pictures up as soon as I can.


Lori E said...

Go with the flow for sure. I know you had a certain look in mind but I'll bet you will love it in the end. Bead board and nice accessories will make a big difference. Money saved there will be available for something else.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.


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