Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall Drive Continuation photos

So my computer was having issues last night and really over the last few days.  It is my netbook.. my "Home" vs work computer.  I finally got all issues resolved today with it.. (crossing fingers and making funny faces), and so can share some more photos.  The other issue I really have is that my connection speed at the temporary "home" is really really horrible.  This is why I mainly post during the week, when I can take advantage of better connections speeds.

Without further interruption from me..

Heading down the pass on the East Side of the Mountains

Walking through The back side of the town

This is just a cute bench outside one of the many cute shops

View towards the festival tents

Some of the buildings there.. EVERYthing is Bavarian Style

Next Post I will share some of the pics from the funny thing that happened while we were in the bar having a drink before heading home.. It was hilarious!!!  I should have gotten more pictures of my husband, as he is always a little stunned by surprise things.  This was pretty cool!

Ciao for Now!

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