Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall Leaf Festival Drive

We took the drive on Saturday afternoon because we had bad news on the appraisal.  Basically, this one was worse.  So... our only two options at this point.. do the work or walk away.  We want this property, so we are going to have to do the work and hope that the Bank that is orchastrating this short sale will assist or compensate us with closing costs or something.. anything.

So to take our mind off of the crap.. Hubby and I took a drive over to the festival in Leavenworth.  It is only about an hour or so drive from our property, so we thought we could just take a nice drive, go and have a bit of food and a beer and come back.  I wanted to take pictures and boy did I!  I have tons of them and will share a few of them with you today.  I hope to go up to the falls tomorrow morning with Coco and Bella and take some more pictures as well.

This is on the West Side of the Pass just past Index

I lurrrve these big Pine Cones... I should have brought some back with me!

At the Pass.. they are supposed to get snow tonight.. WOW

I am having trouble tonight uploading any more images, so I will have to finish this tomorrow.. I don't have a good connection out in the woods

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Lori E said...

Looking forward to more photos.
We expected snow in our North Shore mountains yesterday as well.


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