Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We have a second Chance

Last night, I helped my Mcgyver husband lay down a new Vinyl floor, and finish up the wall trim in a bedroom.  I also cleaned along side our Realtor.

The one bright spot in this crazy journey... our Realtor.  She is the mother of a horse trainer I know and she is lovely.  I picked her to list our house but more importantly to find us the perfect horse property, as she is the equine property specialist up here.  This lady knows where every dry piece of land is in Northern Snohomish County.  She is professional, keeps her cool and calm even when I have trouble with mine, and is always in our corner.  One of the most impressive things about her, which has endeared her to my DH, who is NOT a fan of most Realtors (he has been burned a couple times in the past by less than competent agents and brokers), is that when you tour a house with her.. she doesn't point out how you can make things work.  She waits for your comments and then is non committal.  I asked her about this, and she explained that she doesn't want to sway someone either way, that it should be their decision and if they love a house, she won't have to over sell it anyway.  I like that.  It is something I would do.. let it sell itself.

Her Broker has been wonderful too.  If any one in the vicinity of this blog is looking to sell or buy in North Western Washington, I will hook you up.  After all we have been through, I am sure glad we have had her!

On to the title of this post.  A second Appraiser is coming out today and I am sending many prayers to God to let this turn out in our favor.  We worked very hard yesterday and last night to get a floor in, the plumbing repaired, the entire place cleaned (Our Realtor ran errands for us, got us pizza and did all the windows.. like I said.. she is a Rock Star!)  Our Youngest handled the touch up painting and some of the extra hands my DH needed.  I put in 3/4 of a floor by myself.. Yeah ME!  I wish I had the time to take photos.. but if this goes our way.. there will be Tons of before and after photo's to come.

My sister came by and helped me put up the couple of gutters that were off, and when we left last night I had a much better sense of it all working out.  The house looked much better, the plumbing is fixed and everything looked much cleaner and had lost the musty vacant-for-over-a-year smell.

McGyver Hubby is going back this am to finish the last of the flooring in the second bedroom and trim and install one more shower head.  The appraiser is scheduled to come today in the afternoon, so I really hope that this time it is listed as "average" and we can go and sign papers.  Everyone is just waiting on this ONE person to do their appraisal today.. and then we can go and sign.. what a relief that would be. Absolute Joy and Relief.

I have tried very hard to be patient and be positive.  I am just running out of both of these things as September comes to a close.

The funny thing is.. as borrowers.. we couldn't be lower risk right now.  Both have very good full time jobs, we have a years salary in the bank that is separate from the 10% down and closing costs of this house, we only have one car payment and no credit card debt, no student loans.. no real debt.  We pay for our son's college classes out of pocket and we own all of our toys outright.  They are not brand new or shiny or fancy.. but they are all paid for.  It is just how we live... if we can afford it.. fine.. if we can't we don't.  Hubby is a saver and I have slowly been coming around to his way of thinking.. so we save and are careful.. even more so now.

So.. I am going to be patient today and going to remain positive that this appraisal will come back in our favor and by next weekend we will be moving things and playing with a U-Haul.

Then.. I can start working on all of the projects that will make that "average" house into AWESOME!

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