Monday, September 21, 2009

Menu Plan Monday.. First time for everything

I love Menu Plans.  Most of the time though, something happens and I don't complete what I plan for the week.  I am going to see if we can execute a menu plan.. and to keep me on track I have decided to link up with I'm an Organizing Junkie's Menu Plan Monday

We are still in the Trailer.. We are very close to being able to close on the first house we bid on back in May.  I will post on that in the next couple of days as I am still fearful of jinxing this..

Okay.. so on to Menu Plan Monday

Monday:  (Tonight)
Cheeseburger Macaroni
Cooked Corn
Leftover Biscuits

Baked Chicken Tenders with BBQ sauce
Macaroni and Cheese
Cooked Carrots

 Beef Burritos

Tuna Casserole
Garlic Bread
Green Beans

Leftovers and hopefully starting to move out

Pizza (Take out) since I am still hoping to be moving

Rotisserie Chicken
Roasted Potatos
Corn on the cob

This is my plan... and I really really hope that I stick to it.. for more reasons that wanting to follow the plan.

Lunches will be made each day this week as well and some of the things we will be having:

Ham and cheese wraps (today and Wednesday)  My son's Favorite lunch item

Roast Beef and Chedder Hoagies (Tuesday)

Tuna Sandwiches on Hoagies

I hope you check out more of the menu plans out there, I know that I did and WOW I am impressed with the creativity and planning  skills that some of you have!

Here is my Monday photo :

This is a picture of my Son Rowing.. it was his first season this last year and he fell in love with the sport.  As soon as we are moved and settled he will be joining up again with his team in Lake Stevens.  It is awesome to watch these boys glide across the water.. and it improved his fitness and also really helped his dirtbike riding for endurance and upper body strength!

Happy Monday all!


darnold23 said...

Best wishes on your new home. I hope all goes well.Please consider posting to Crock Pot Wednesday at Mister Linky is already up and waiting for you.

Lori E said...

Make a plan? Pfffft. My guys are lucky that I buy groceries once in a while.
Just kidding. I don't make a plan but I manage to cook dinner most nights.
I like the way your menu changed once you were going into your new place.

Laura said...

Welcome to MPM!! Thanks for joining us :)


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