Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Tuesday.. Today is the day

Today I am on pins and needles.

Today we find out if we "bumped" a contingent offer on a house

Today I will find out if I can move into as near of our dream house as possible on our budget.

Today I am going to be a little bit busy with work, which will help to keep me off of those pins and needles as much as possible.

I don't want to talk too much about this house.. I am being very very cautious with my optimism this time.  We have had too many dissapointments with real estate to be overly excited.

I will say this though.. this house has everything on my list that is important...
1.  Acerage for the horse
2.  Fenced completely around
3.  Beautiful HUGE Garden
4.  Beautiful HUGE Orchard
5.  NO work to be done on the house to make it livable
6.  Big Comfortable living Spaces
7.  Location, Location, Location
8.  McGyver doesn't have to lift a finger if he doesn't want to
9.  It has stuff for EVERYONE
10. Two Pantries.. TWO!  And Cupboards Everywhere.. Ohhhh the storage in this house is so plentiful..

So.. that is all I am going to say on this subject for now.. I am off to pray, Cross my fingers, hop on one foot while turning in a circle, throw some salt over my shoulder, find a four leaf clover, and visit the local spellcaster to see what I can bury or chant to improve our chances here.

Until tomorrow.. when I will post to wordless Wednesday the outcome of today.

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