Thursday, January 28, 2010

4 months, 3 wrecks on the corner

We officially moved into our house about 4 months ago.. as of last night, we have witnessed 3 car wrecks outside of our house.

We live on a country road... 35mph type of road. Where our house sits there is a corner. This intersection is two 35mph roads that people travel well over the speed limit on. When we had the snow day in December.. We had two wrecks that day in our ditch.. one actually went onto our lawn and was sideways.. We had two families in the house that day while they waited for tow trucks.

Last night we had a third family in the house, but this time it was a little more serious.

I was doing the dishes and Paxton heard the wreck. My DH and child looked out the window and saw a jeep flipped up on it's side on the far side of the intersection right across from our side yard. They went out to call 911 and to see if everyone was okay.

When Paco came back in, he said that there was a woman and a child that needed to come in and sit down while they waited for the fire department and police.

I put the dogs away and they came in. This poor family. Their child had just gotten out of the hospital, they were actually on their way home from the hospital, and they get hit. The driver of the other car was outside, and my DH had asked them to just take a seat until the aid car and police got there.. the driver was attempting to move his car and leave. He appeared very "high" on something.

The fire department arrived and the mom and child went out to get looked at. They were pretty shaken up.

When the police arrived, it was a little crazy outside of our house..and the driver of the car that caused the accident left in the police car.

I was amazed at how quickly it was all dealt with though.. about an hour from the time the wreck happened until the tow truck drivers had the street cleaned up.

A bit of excitement at the corner again.

We joke about this corner and our property.. people typically will just pull over and park in our driveway, they will do u turns at this corner quite frequently, police will hang out there, and people will just ride their quads, dirtbikes, lawnmowers and such around this intersection.. it is just a little weird.

The county sheriff had come by last weekend and stopped to chat with us. I had told him.. The police are ALWAYS welcome to come and sit in our driveway, or use our property to set up a speed trap on this road...

There is a large equine facility across the street, we have dogs and kids, and this road is notorious in the last four months for speeders and wrecks.. I didn't even mention the wreck a couple of weekends ago right outside our shop on the other end of the property... so really.. 4 wrecks in 4 months..

I really hope this is not the trend... one wreck a month.

One more full day of work, and a half day and then it is on to more barn progress... and I also have to do a post about what MacGyver brought home last night.. It involved a 24 foot moving truck to get it all home...


Lori E said...

I know what this is like. We are on a busy road and there is a cross street that ends right beside us in a greenbelt.
I can not tell you how many times there have been vehicles not stopping and ending up through the chainlink fence and into the greenbelt.
Of course we are the first ones out there because they are almost in our yard. Sometimes not the best idea. I have been summoned to court twice now.
The first time she ended up pleading guilty and I didn't have to go. And this time I received a summons in December of 2009 for a crash that happened in 2006 which I didn't even witness. I did however speak to the person and he did take off on foot so I guess that is what they want from me.
Fingers crossed it has been quiet for a while now.

Gail said...

That is scary, maybe you can be a lawyer and get all your business right in your own yard.

Nony said...

THe people in those wrecks are very blessed to have such helpful and kind people like you right there. Wow.


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