Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bath Time

To Body Clip or Not? That is the question for some. Most people I have talked to that do not show or ride much in the winter do not clip. I would prefer not to, but since we ride most days.. and because schooling shows for me start in the beginning of March, I usually end up clipping.

Beau grew an enormous amount of hair this winter.. and he was sweating pretty good after just moderate riding, so the decision to body clip him or trace clip him was discussed a couple of weeks ago. Last year I did a trace, and we ended up body clipping him before our first big Morgan show anyway, so I decided to body clip him. This year, with all the barn work however, I knew I would not have time... so I hired the former trainer to clip him.. and it is taking longer than I would like, but it is getting done.

Before clipping however, He had to have a bath. So here are some pictures of my disgusting pony before and during his bath.

Dirty Beau

house 569

And into the washrack

house 593

I think he has a little "mule look" in this
house 597

T is bathing him.. and I am taking pictures.. I normally bathe him myself..
house 598

house 600

And this is his favorite spot to be scratched or rubbed or shampoood...
house 603

I have pictures of him half clipped.. but my netbook that I use for getting my pictures off of my camera is toasted right now.. we have a nasty problem that I have not been able to fix.. and it is a 150.00 netbook that I most likely will not pay to be fixed.. so I have to save up a few weeks to get a new laptop.. grrrrr.

I will take more pics of him as he is finished being body clipped.. I have to say.. that when he is clipped.. I am in LOVE with his color.. and I kind of wish it would stay. It reminds me of Gruella.. He actually looks like a big baby deer when he is all clipped up...


jennybean79 said...

He's so cute! Yuck though, I hate body clipping. I body clipped two horses (without bathing them first) earlier this month, and it was pure torture. I'm still finding and feeling pokey hairs in my bra (TMI ALERT) and it's just no good.

Gail said...

Beyond handsome.


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