Sunday, January 10, 2010

I have a tack room!

Yesterday, we finished two walls... so I know have a tack room.  The electrical will be finished on Friday of this week, and we should have the actual stall frame done next weekend as well. 

I hit a wall today, mostly because I was sore, and because we stayed up late last night.  I did get some things accomplished around the house, but we mostly watched movies and relaxed.  I feel a bit bad about it, but I also know we needed to recharge before the week ahead.

Here are the progress pictures:

This is a picture of what will be the feed room.  They had a problem with some of the electrical, including this wire which was just hanging down, not working.

This is the tack room without the walls.  This is what we started with last weekend.

The view from the other side.

This is the frame and re used decking piece getting ready to be installed.  That is MacGyver with the drill..

This is about where we left off last weekend on each side.  3/4 of the walls up in the tack room

This is a bit better picture of the semi finished wall.

Here is the finished wall.  The open door will be Beau's outside door.  The electrical work that Mac Gyver will be doing this week includes, reinstalling the central light in the ceiling of the tack room, and two standard electrical outlets in the tack room.  This way, I have a power source in the aisle, in the wash rack and in the tack room. 

The front side of the tack room and all of the stall fronts will be done in Tounge and groove.  The vertical boards in this pic will be stained darker and we will have lighter wood in the tounge and groove on the fronts.
He is also installing a header at the top all the way around to give it a much more finished look.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.. I am off to get some more rest now.  I will post some more pictures tomorrow!


Lori E said...

Coming along isn't it. I love the old barnwood.
Make sure you do some recharging on a regular basis. All about balance.

small farm girl said...

Everything is looking good! I can't wait to see what it will look like when it's done. But, don't overdo it. Everybody needs rest.

Gail said...

This looks great. I have tack room envy. My tack is in my bedroom!


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