Monday, January 25, 2010

More Barn Progress

Another post with pictures..

After the wall went up, it was time to "clean up the barn and the arena" so that we could get ready for the next phase.

The next phase involves MacGyver building a door, installing the hardware, getting washed rock and mats, installing the corner feeders and latches.  It also involves putting up rails in the arena, getting the first load of footing delivered and coordinating with a tractor to move it all around.  But before that all can happen next weekend..(Wishful thinking possibly).. the debris, vehicles, scrap wood, garbage and large rocks had to be removed.. So.. Saturday afternoon this began:

house 470

This is just ONE of the big piles of crappy wood and scraps that we had to remove..

house 469

And another Pile...

house 623

So I decided to take a load out with the "farm truck".. and my husband had a better idea...

house 624
house 625
house 626
This last one says it all......
house 627

We finally got it to work correctly, and ended up with:
house 629

I really really need a burn permit now.

Here you can see we are getting there.. a few more piles.. and to move my Red Truck.. and soon it will be clear..
house 631

Only 28 more wheelbarrow loads and I ended up with my arena looking like:

house 633

And my aisle looking like:
house 634

so it is close now..

He did some welding yesterday while I did the heavy lifting.. and I almost have a stall door. He stopped to get lumber today.. and so this week.. the stall will be finished.. and this weekend we will be getting T&G for the Arena.. once the rails are up.. I will drag the arena with my lawn tractor and home made drag, and then the last bits are the Footing and the Tack Room details.. so.. Crossing my fingers.. but He just might be home within those two weeks!

I am linking this post up to Transformation Thursday at The Shabby Chic Cottage.. because.. well.. This place is starting to show some transformation!


Lori E said...

Thanks for the hair advice. This could be a good thing right? It might turn out just fine, probably. Uh huh.
What an amazing amount of work you guys are doing. Looking so good.

Gail said...

Great job


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