Thursday, January 21, 2010

Saturday Continued...

The doctor who wanted to talk to me was an Orthopedic Surgeon.

He explained that Paco did not just break his wrist, but that he broke the growth plate and it had come out of where it was supposed to be.

He explained that we had a couple of choices..
The first was to take him up to the O.R. and assemble a team and put him under to manipulate the arm back and set it.

The second was to let him attempt to surprise Paxton and put it back in.  He explained that it is a one shot deal and if it didn't work, we would have to take him up to surgery and fix it there. 

I was hesitant, and Paco heard our conversation.  He agreed to let the doctor try to do it right there.  I will say this.. my kid is ONE TOUGH KID.  I don't think I could have handled it.

They took him back to X-Ray to make sure it went back where it was supposed to be.  After they put it in a splint, they told us that they wanted us to follow up with the surgeon on Friday.  Okayyyy..

I still didn't really understand what was exactly wrong, other than he had a broken wrist.
We headed home with some pain meds and he was to NOT MOVE HIS ARM.. ummmm yeah.. he is 14.. okayyyyyyy...
Sunday passed with him on the couch and coming down to the barn where we were working.. oh.. every hour or so.. he was having a hard time sitting still.

Sunday night, I looked at his arm.. and thought his hand was in a different position than it was.. so I decided to call the nurse on Monday am.  We waited on the phone for over 40 minutes on Monday and I just thought it would be easier to take him in.  His fingers were all swollen as well (even though he was elevating and icing the wrist frequently), so we headed in.

They got us in very quickly, and after the first doctor looked at it, decided to take another X-Ray and send us to the Orthopedic Surgeon down the street.  So after a couple hours at one Doctor, we headed over to the second appointment with the X-Ray in hand.

Again, we got right in and talked to the Surgeon.  He explained what happened much better and also told us that he cannot move the fingers much or the hand or the growth plate can slide right back off.  They also informed me that this would be a long bit of recovery.. at least 12 weeks that we would be seeing him.. with a follow up at 6 months if all goes well.

So.. he got a long arm cast.. up to almost his armpit and he has to go in once a week for X-Rays until he has bone healing.. and NO Writing for 3 weeks.

Of course he is right handed and he broke his right wrist. 

I am now dealing with the High School as he has weightlifting.. and The surgeon wrote him a note telling the school that he cannot participate in ANY physical activities for 12-14 weeks at least.. the school is telling me that if he cannot do at least one thing in the class (participate in some weightlifting) that he will not get credit.. so I have been on the phone with the counselor and will be talking to the principal later today.. UGHHHH..

The biggest concern is growth arrest (where the arm stops growing) so that is what they watch for up to a year after the injury.. fun fun.

 I apologize for the late entry and not getting by to everyone's blog.. I came back into work yesterday and Man oh man.. I was behind...

Happy Thursday.. I will post tomorrow on the Barn Progress.. it is pretty exciting!


jennybean79 said...

Poor Paco! I wish him a speedy and smooth recovery.

the Provident Woman said...

Poor guy! I hope he heals well and fast.

small farm girl said...

WOW! Like you,I thought a broken arm was just a broken arm. Guess not. I hope everything comes out okay.
Best wishes,

Lori E said...

Gotta watch those growth plates. One of my guys had an issue many years ago.
I have broken my wrist, of course my right one. What a bother. One thing to remember is that after the cast comes off he will likely have a great deal of pain as the ligaments and muscles start to move again. Lucky for you one of the best things to help it loosen up again is to wash dishes in nice warm water. The swirling motion in the heat works wonders.

Gail said...

Sending healing thoughts.


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