Friday, January 29, 2010

I love me a half day at work

Today I only have to work a half day. 

I love this.. it gives me extra time to work on the barn. 

My plan today is to get gravel and mats and gates.

Tomorrow is the arena rails

Sunday is the finishing touches on the stall.

That means.. Next weekend is footing and fencing and Beau HOME!

I am far from being done, but the basics will be there.. and then I will gain an hour a day to do work around this place and get caught up on some other areas..

Also.. I will take some pictures of the industrial stuff my Hubby brought home...

Shelving, work tables, desk, chairs, and more shelving and cabinets..

Most are for his shop.. but some are for the garage.. and He did his own version of a garage sale..

He got all the cabinets, and the tables (which are HUGE) and other items for 150.00.. and he told me that just one of the work tables can run in the thousands of dollars.. Whooo hooo!

So he is off to the dump right now, and I am going to get ready to head out to get me some gravel after swinging by the barn to see Beau and clean his stall... Only a week or so more to have to make that drive.. soon I will be posting about our rides and less about my mucking of the stall.

1 comment:

Lori E said...

Step by step you are getting there. What will you do with all your spare time when the work is done. Oh yes ride the horse.


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