Friday, January 08, 2010

Portable Pony

Yep.. It is true.. I know have a portable pony.

I am the proud, proud owner of a Morgan built Horse Trailer.

The trailer is a beauty, and when it is delivered tomorrow I will snap my own pics to share!

Why is it being delivered???  Well.. our lovely 1971 GMC pickup is not equipped to tow such a beautiful new trailer.. we don't have the electronic brakes or the proper plug yet, so the nice people we bought the horse trailer from are going to deliver it.  (She wants to see my arena anyway)

I feel a little bad about this purchase and I will explain why.  Then please tell me if I am crazy to feel bad, or if it is truly okay and I should not feel horrible.

The trailer was posted for sale this past Monday on our meetup groups message board.  I saw the message, looked at the pictures and called MacGyver.  I pleaded  asked him if we could go and look at it.  To my surprise, he agreed.  I emailed the seller (who is a member of our group), and proceeded to make an appointment with her for the following evening (last night).  She did tell me she had someone who wanted to buy the trailer but had offered her less than she really wanted to take and had to get a loan.  I then told her we had cash in hand and that I was very interested.  She agreed to let us come last night.  Well, obviously I bought the trailer.  The reason I feel bad, is the other person is also a member of our group, and was so excited about the trailer, and I kind of swooped in on it.  She did arrange a loan, and got the money, but would not be able to do anything until Saturday. 

Is this one of those.. first come first served situations?  Would any of you stepped aside, since someone you knew and liked very much wanted it as much as you?  I have been wanting a trailer like this for 4 years, and I cannot be more excited about this trailer.. but I still feel kind of bad. 

I also feel  bad, because after I went to do the trailer deal, I met a couple of horse friends for dinner and drinks.  One of these is my former trainer/good friend.. and another Dressage Trainer.. and good friend..
I gushed about the trailer.. and they seemed very happy for me.. and after the other trainer/friend left.. I was left with my former trainer/friend.  We were leaving and she was telling me about their really scary financial stuff, and I felt horrible for gushing about my new trailer that was all paid for, and is so fancy  compared to hers.  I left feeling like a bit of a heel..



horseypants said...

I bought a trailer last year and know it's not easy. With trailers, cars, horses, etc...if you have been looking for something for a while and it becomes available, you need to make a move. Maybe you will need to smooth things over with the person who also wanted it. But as far as the dinner has its ups and downs. She can be happy for you, and you can be there for her. That's friendship. Someday it might be the other way around.

Gail said...

Whoa! I am not sure what to say, I know I would not be happy if I were the one who had worked to get a loan and had it snatched out from under me.
However, I also would love to have the trailer.


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