Thursday, January 07, 2010

Some random Pictures and things from Last year

So everyone is doing these wrap up posts about 2009... and I realized.. there is one key thing I have never shared about last year.   The reason this is key, is that it shaped where I am today.. with the horse, and the barn and arena at home.  It is something my husband actually was excited about... what happened when I came home from World Cup in Vegas last year.....

This is a picture of me and the fabulous ladies I went to World Cup last year with.  I have the really really white

World Cup in Vegas was an amazing experience.  We watched every Dressage Session.. got our picture taken with Steffan Peters, watched the retirement of Brentina, enjoyed our VIP passes, Watched some of the Show Jumping before we left, We drank copious amounts of wine at the event with those VIP passes.. and more than a copious amount of Vodka Cranberry. We critiqued and enjoyed saying DRE-SSAGE to each other based on the foreign announcers pronunciation..(Still cracks us up). We shopped, ate, shopped some more.. It is a MECCA for horse crazy people to shop. A couple of the ladies we were with shopped Anky.. and I got me some of these Durberry Boots that I had been dreaming about...

And my new Sabre Bridle in COB size.. Darn small headed Morgans..( from my FABULOUS saddle maker.. Bourne.  She is the BEST and I still love my Saddle I bought from her.. You can check them out HERE.

and I got one of these: (it is one of my most prized things from World Cup)  I cried during the retirement ceremony of Brentina  it is okay.. most everyone did.  I was in the third row.. It was incredible!

I will have to find some time and dig out the photos I have.  They ended up on a hard drive in my old laptop.  I just have to do the tedious work of transferring photos off of that onto my other external drive.

It was such a great trip in many ways.. I went with some great ladies, we had fun, and I also came to a realization that trip. (This is the part my hubby was happy about)
I decided to call it quits with my trainer after that trip.  she was with me on that trip.  I finally came to the realization that it was more important to me to have her as my friend than to have her as my trainer.

Has anyone else dealt with that?  Had to terminate a business relationship in order to salvage the friendship?  She doesn't read this blog that I know of.. but I will keep the details to myself at this time.

I am getting ready to find another trainer (for me.. and for Beau) and hopefully I can find one that will come to my little arena and teach me Dressage.. not someone else's interpretation of dressage.  I was with my trainer for three years.  I love her dearly as my friend, but I need to get serious now.  I want to progress.. I want to put the work in but I want someone who will be my teacher and who has the credentials I am looking to achieve.  I would like to make it to first or second level on this horse.. after that.. we shall see where we want to go.


jennybean79 said...

Thanks for your comment! I was excited to come across your blog, especially because you're a Morgan fan/owner too. In all of blogdom I think you're only the 2nd or 3rd Morgan owner I've found.

I can't imagine how difficult it must have been for you to terminate your relationship with your trainer. I know that someday I'll have to move on from my trainer too. YIKES! I wish you luck in finding the right trainer for you and your lovely Beau!

small farm girl said...

Dressage is awsome! I can watch it forever. There is no way I could do it. The training of the horses for an event like dressage baffles my mind. Although it wouldn't be hard to baffle MY mind. lol
Good luck on finding a new trainer. Keep us up to date.


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